What Size Chain Should A Man Wear?

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A chain can transform your looks, that is if you are wearing the right chain.

Apart from just the type of chain for men, another key factor that you should consider when buying a chain is the size.

From a general point of view, this may seem to be a non-issue. But in essence, it is something that deserves your full attention.

You should be attentive to the size of the chain that you should buy. This is a key ingredient that will determine how great the chain will look on you.

So, which is the best chain size for men?

Whether you are a man and you are planning to buy a chain, or you want to gift a man in your life a chain, here is a quick guide that will help you choose the correct size of a chain.

Understanding the Size of the Chain

What Size Chain Should A Man Wear?

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The size of the chain is usually defined by its length.

What does the chain length mean and what significance does it have?

The chain length defines the exact position where the chain will rest.

In measuring the length, assume that you don’t have a pendant attached to the chain.

There are three main parameters that we focus on when analyzing the length of the chain. You can choose a short-chain, mid-length chain, or long chains.

Short-style chains for men tend to rest just around the neck. They are ideal when you want the area around your neck to be exposed.

The good thing about short chains is they can fit any type and style of clothing. You can wear them underneath your shirt or on the turn-down collar.

The above collar option is ideal if you want your chain to be visible as anyone can spot them.

Mid-length chains are suspended right below the base of the neck and exactly at the top of the breastbone.

This chain length option is more visible than the short chains. It can be easily seen whether you are wearing the open short collar or T-shirts.

However, mid-length may be quite weird or awkward if you choose to wear it with a pendant. This is because the piece of ornament may end up falling way below the collar for some shirts.

Long chains should be your number-one choice if you desire to add a pendant onto the chain.  With this chain, your pendant will be more visible than with any other chain-length option available in the market.

They are also flexible in that you can choose to wear them both below and above the shirt. They are also more suitable for casual outfits than official wear.

Different Chain Sizes for Men

What Size Chain Should A Man Wear?

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What we have outlined in the above section are the general lengths of the chain. However, when it comes to buying, you need to be more specific about the length of the chain that you want.

In most cases, the lengths are calibrated in inches. When buying, you will only need to look at the calibration and tell whether it is the right chain for you.

The most common chain lengths for men include:

16-18 inches chain

This group comprises the shortest chains for men. They tend to create an illusion of choking you as they fall right at the base of the neck. Sometimes they can rest beneath Adam’s apple.

If you want the entire chain to be seen when worn, this is the perfect size for you.

However, it can be the most uncomfortable chain length for an adult. This is mainly because it will be too tight on your neck.

20—inch chain

This option is slightly longer than the previous chain-length option. If you want a shorter chain but not too short for your comfort, this is the perfect size for you.

A 20-inch chain is the most suitable for someone whose neck-size ranges between 17” to 20”. If you belong to these categories, the chain will fall between the collarbone and the second button.

The good thing about this chain length is you can wear it either inside or outside the shirt.

22-Inch chain

Does the 20-inch chain seem to be too small for you? Consider upgrading to a 22-inch chain. You will be more comfortable with this chain length option.

In addition to the comfort, this chain length allows you to add a pendant or even a tag.

In terms of the position, this chain falls some inches away below the collarbone.

It is best suited for someone who would like to wear the chain outside the shirt.

24-inch chain

When wearing this chain, it will rest right in the middle or slightly above the sternum. Your height will determine the final position of the chain.

It is the best chain for someone who would like to expose the pendant.

30-inch chain

This is probably the longest chain for men in the market. Given its length, you will wear it outside the shirt.

Despite being long or even suitable for outside wearing, it is not a comfortable chain length for a pendant. You would rather wear it just in its original form.

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Tips for Choosing the Correct Chain Size for Men

What Size Chain Should A Man Wear?

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Now that you are aware of the different chain size options that are available, the next step is choosing a perfect size.

But, how can you tell that this is a perfect size and this is not?

Here are some quick tips that you can use to select the correct size of chain.

1. Know the size of your neck

It all starts by measuring the size of your neck. The circumference of the neck will determine the size of the chain that you will choose.

If you are opting for long chains, then you can skip this step. Otherwise, you should know the circumference if you are intending to buy short chains for men.

While measuring your neck, you should consider adding a few inches to the circumference to make it more comfortable.

It will be wise to avoid short chains if you have a significantly wide neck (18 inches or more)

However, if you can still go a short chain if you decide to accentuate your neck, or make it more visible.

2. Your body type and face shape matters

The shape of your face and body contour may act as a guide for choosing the best chain size.

One aspect of the body that you have to factor in when choosing the size of the chain is the height.

Don’t you think it will be weird if you are short and you choose a long chain?

If you fall under the category of short people (not more than 5’4”), don’t go for a long chan. Your ideal chain size should be between 16-20 inches.

Any chain that is more than that will appear to be overwhelming you, no matter how well-built you may be. You should also avoid chunky chain designs

If you have a taller frame, you can go for any chain size that you want.

Similarly, it will be wise to evaluate your face shape as it will determine the size of the chain to choose.

The rule of thumb dictates that you should choose a chain whose size will accentuate your facial features.

Most guides about chains state that you should avoid chokers or any other short chains if you have a round shape.

An oval-shaped face can go along with any chain length.

A long face will perfectly match with a sort chain while a heart-faced shape will blend well with a short chain.

In general, when it comes to the body, choose a chain that will not only look good on the neck but also make some of your body features more pronounced.

3. Chain size and  clothing

Another vital factor to consider is creating a perfect match between the chain size and your clothing.

As we have said, short chains tend to rest just around the neck region. So, it will be best to wear clothes that leave the neck area well exposed. V-necks, scoops, and strapless tops will be ideal for such chains.

Avoid tops with necklines if you are wearing short chains or chokes.

Long chains for men tend to match easily with different types of clothing.

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As a man, a good chain will play a big role in accentuating your looks. It will bring out a better version of yourself.

However, this is not guaranteed unless you get the best size of the chain.

It will be of no use to choose a high-quality material and electronic parts supplier help you check it. for the chain only to end up with the wrong size.  Your chain will have little or no impact on your looks.

Use the tips that we have listed to buy the correct size of chain for men regardless of its accents.

Apart from the size, you may consider spreading your options wide.  Buy different types of chains for men to break the monotony.

Do you have any other advice or tips regarding the choice of chain size for men? Feel free to share them with us.

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