Times have changed, and rings and necklaces are not the only jewelry that men wear. Well, some have decided to stick to the mentioned pieces of jewelry. Some men have chosen to transition and adapt to the necklace wearing trend. This is why it’s no longer uncommon for guys to wear necklaces in the current times. Why do some men wear necklaces? This must be a common question for most people, especially the elderly, but this broad article will take you through why men wear necklaces. You will understand why this is no longer a thing for celebrities and movie stars.

Why Do Some Guys Wear Necklaces?


Why do some guys wear necklaces?

Understanding the reasons why guys wear necklaces is crucial. There are no many reasons, but an in-depth look at them will help enlighten us. This is more so for the people who still find it awkward for men to wear necklaces.

Religious reasons

In some cultures, guys are supposed to wear necklaces, especially during important occasions like weddings and burials. When a guy wears a necklace for religious reasons, he confirms his integrity and commitment to his belief. This sets him aside as a man to the world. There are many religions and believes, which is one reason you will find some guys wearing necklaces.

Necklaces bring out masculine appeal.

There is some sense of a man’s masculinity whenever they wear a necklace. This explains why most military men wear a dog tag. It is because they want to pass a message about their strength. A necklace brings out the courage, authority, and confidence that a man carries.

To pass a message

Men who want to look sophisticated are known to wear necklaces. This helps them achieve that trendy look among people. The powerful statement that a necklace passes makes the wearer be associated with some attributes or character.  A good example is in the movies; you will find that the most notorious characters have necklaces. This is a way of making a statement about their acting position.

Makes men attractive

This is among the main reasons why guys wear a necklace. Some attraction follows a man wearing a necklace more so if the chain blends well with his look. A necklace can make a simple t-shirt look classy. Additionally, necklaces speak volumes about your taste for fashion and being unique. I am sure you know that some jewelry is expensive. Therefore, when a man wears such, it shows the love they have for themselves. If you are more concerned about how you look, then try out a necklace and see how it will compliment your style.

Why Do Some Guys Wear Necklaces?


Types of Necklaces for Guys

Religious Emblems

These are the chains that represent one’s religion regarding their faith. Most of the men who wear religious emblems do it under their sects or personal beliefs. These chains have symbols like Christian crosses, scapulars, or stars of certain religious people. Most of these emblems look good when worn under t-shirts, and they are usually long enough, extending below the neckline. These types of jewelry are easy to notice, but they are not meant for all occasions.

Why Do Some Guys Wear Necklaces?



Unlike the pendant, a choker doesn’t hang down. It is a band that fits around the neck, and it’s made of ornaments that break it at intervals. They are made in different colors and mostly with cultural materials. These men’s necklaces have become popular in the recent past, with most men adopting them into their fashion. In case you chose to rock in a choker, ensure it is not so much at the top, and you are comfortable with it.

Dog tags

Dog tags are a men’s necklace or just specialized pendants. They are generally some tabs placed on a chain, and some have a name on it. This could be the wearer’s name, their rank, or the name of their favorite pet. This type of men’s necklace is not everyone’s favorite. Some people think that wearing it is disrespectful to the military men since most of them have a dog tag. However, that should not hold you from having your dog tag. If you feel like you need one, then you are free to wear it.


A pendant is a simple ornament placed on a long chain and sits below your neck. Men’s pendants are common and boast high versatility. Pendants can be made from scales, a clay tablet, or something that has some pleasant unique shape. However, it should be something that doesn’t add much weight to your chest. Men’s pendants look good when worn outside a casual t-shirt.

Cords or chains

Chains are also a common type of men’s necklaces. A chain is an assembly of pieces, mostly metallic ones, which are joined together. They have their statement when worn by men. Most of them blend well with casual wear. There are many types of men’s chains, and here are some of them.

  • Steel band chains: These types of chains are wound on metal reels or steel crosses. This makes them easy to use and work with. They are unique and long-lasting.
  • Metric chains:These are familiar chains for Indian men made of brass and are added in different lengths.

The above-discussed types of chains are ideal for men. Each has its taste of fashion and will make you look outstanding no matter the occasion or weather.

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Times have changed, and fashion is taking another direction. It is no longer taboo for a man to wear a necklace. Men have adopted to wear this piece of jewelry and pull a statement in them. When a guy wears a necklace, they look good, especially if they know how to dress stylishly. Men can wear necklaces to any function except the religious emblems, which are mostly meant for specific functions. Have you been wondering why guys wear necklaces? Then this article has come through for you. I am sure you are enlightened and have answers to your question.

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