Why do men wear gold chains? This is a common question among most people, especially those who still believe fashion is not for men. For a long time, gold chains have been thought to be a thing for women, celebrities, and wrappers. Well, when it comes to fashion, it is one’s decision that matters. Everyone has the freedom to choose their taste of style. Have you been wondering why men wear chains? Then this article will come through for you. We shall have an in-depth discussion, and you shall get all the answers to why men wear gold chains.

Why Do Men Wear Gold Chains?


Should men wear gold chains?

There is no reason why men should not wear gold chains. Men have been wearing gold chains since ancient times. This is more so the ones with royal positions. In some cultures, gold chains for men symbolize their wealth and status in society. Wearing of gold chains has been normalized, and therefore you should not hesitate to gift yourself one. You might feel awkward if wearing a gold chain for the first time, but you get accustomed to it with time. Gold chains for guys look great on every man regardless of age and status. However, several things surround wearing gold chains, as we shall confirm in this article.

Why do men wear gold chains?

At one point, you might have asked why men wear gold chains. Well, there are many reasons, as we shall see. Sometimes, men have been misjudged because of wearing these chains, but it would be wise to ask before concluding. Let’s look at the reasons why men wear gold chains.

They can afford it

It is natural for someone to go for what they can afford. Therefore, when a man wears a gold chain, it means they can afford it. Most men go for the most expensive gold chains. If you see a man with a gold chain, then there must be a reason for buying it. No one spends a fortune on something without tangible reasons for it.

Occasional purpose

Gold chains are rare pieces of jewelry for official purposes. Some offices will restrict wearing chains by men, which means you can’t go to the office with your favorite gold chain. This is why most men prefer wearing their gold chains on occasion. These occasions don’t demand that they have an official look. It could be a church or a wedding occasion. At these events, they can dress casually. When gold is blended with casual wear, it pulls a strong statement about the wearer and makes them look fabulous and fashionable.

Gold is durable

Gold is famous for being the most robust and most durable metal. This is one of the reasons why men wear gold chains. Men like something that will give them value for their money by serving them for long. This is why gold is most men’s choice for their jewelry. A gold chain can serve you for a long time and still be worn by generations that will come after you. A guy’s gold chain doesn’t change in color or cause any allergic reactions.

Cultural beliefs

Since ancient times, some cultures have associated gold with worship. A good example is the Egyptians. They use gold as a medium of worshipping and referencing their gods. Egyptian men are supposed to wear gold chains whenever they go before their gods in worship. In modern culture, men’s wearing of gold chains began with the artists, especially the rappers. When they started wearing gold chains while singing, many people realized that men could also wear gold chains. This set up a trend, and since then, most men have normalized the wearing of gold chains.


Gold chains are costly, and therefore, if you see a man wearing a gold chain, it means they can afford it. Some men chose to go for the best and most expensive gold chains. They want to feel good and classy and are willing to spend on that.

To add some light to dull outfits

Gold can never go unnoticed. This is why most women will wear pieces of jewelry every time they are in dull clothes. This also applies to men. Men will wear a gold chain to brighten up their outfits and look more attractive. Gold has a natural way of adding taste to anything you blend it with.

Good luck and health

Astrologists have associated gold with gold luck. They believe that it is an excellent source of joy, happiness, and peace. Additionally, some believe that gold keeps evils like suffering, pain, and misfortunes away. This is another reason why some men wear gold chains. On the other hand, gold is believed to have some health benefits. They are the reason why some men will put on a gold chain. Here are some of the health benefits of a gold chain

  • Great in treating arthritis
  • Gold regulates body temperature
  • Helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety
  • It boosts immunity
  • It helps in skin treatment

What type of gold should I choose?

Most people are surprised to learn that gold comes in different colors and levels of purity. This means that the price is also different. Let’s look at the different types of gold you can choose from.

  • White gold: This type of gold is plated with rhodium and might wear out with time. This means it requires keener maintenance. However, it has some touch of class and style and will give you a great appearance. If you prefer white, then this type of gold is the best for you. Besides, white gold is versatile and can be worn to any event.
  • Yellow gold:Yellow gold is standard, and most people’s favorite. I am sure you have spotted several famous artists in yellow gold. This metal color is classic and suitable for any style.
  • Rose gold: Rose gold is a type of goldmixed with copper metals, silver, and yellow gold. Rose gold is durable primarily because of the copper component in it. Besides, the metal doesn’t tarnish and will serve the ideal purpose of a gold chain.

It Is also wise to note that gold comes in different purity levels when choosing a gold chain for men. The range of the purity level is between 9k and d 18k. If you choose a gold chain with lower purity levels, then it might not cost you much. However, it might not serve you for long compared with the one with high levels of purity. It is wise to understand the purity level of the gold chain you want to buy.

Types of gold chains for men

As discussed above, gold is available in many different types. This means that there are different types of gold chains for men in the market. Additionally, the men’s gold chain also differs in designs and shapes. The length and width of the chains is a significant factor that distinguishes one from the other. Here are some types of men’s gold chains.

Cable chains

Cable gold chains for men are common and classical. However, they are available in different lengths and width. Additionally, they come in different styles. Some are oval or round in shape. Cable chains are the favorite of most celebrities. It would be best if you blended thin cable chains with a pendant to look great, but the thicker ones are great on their own.

Rope chains

The rope gold chains are trendy among men. They are made in different styles, but the one with two twisted strands is preferable. These chains have small oval links that make them versatile and strong.

Figaro chains

The Figaro gold chains for men are different from others. That’s because they have both round and oval shapes that alternate each other. These men’s chains are beautiful and durable.

Herringbone chains

You will make a statement with the herringbone gold chain for men. This chain is designed with a liquid effect formed by its v-shaped links. These links are woven together to bring out a seamless pattern. Unlike most gold chains for men, herringbone chains do not require a pendant. They are independent and will make you look stylish and classy. The chains fall directly flat against your chest.

Jesus piece

This type of gold chain for men is popular among religious people. Some men wear it to symbolize their faith, while others as a sign of success. You can personalize this chain to suit your style. One can add a pendant to it or some gemstones to add a fashionable taste.

Why Do Men Wear Gold Chains?


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Times are gone when jewelry was meant for women. You can choose to wear a gold chain and pull a statement about the man you are. Gold chains are long-lasting and beautiful. Buying one will give you real value for your money. Have you been considering buying a gold chain? Then this article has given you all the reasons why men wear gold chains. I believe you are more enlightened and will make a more informed decision to wear a gold chain.

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