There is a cost that comes with having your nose pierced besides the beauty that everyone sees. If you have ever pierced your nose, you will agree with me that it’s a painful procedure. The pain doesn’t go away immediately, and one has to deal with it in the best way possible. After the piercing, you should insert the nose ring, which is meant to stay for a while.

Having the nose ring fit into the piercing is also not rosy. Most people don’t know how to handle the nose after piercing. This is more so if the piercing wasn’t done by a professional. When can I change my nose piercing? This is a common question for newbies. Well, this article will advise you on the right time to have another touch of style on your nose. There are so many things that determine whether it is the right time to change your nose piercing.

When Can I Change My Nose Piercing


When can I change my nose piercing?

As earlier mentioned, the time taken to change your nose piercing depends on its healing. The nose ring’s main purpose is to ease the pain on a freshly pierced nose and ensure the hole remains open. However, if you had it done by a professional, you must be up to date on how to take care of the piercing. Following their instructions to the latter will prevent infections on the noses. The right time to change your nose piercing is after five months. But this will be determined by the kind of care you have been according to your nose piercing.

How do I change my nose piercing?

Once you confirm that your nose is completely healed, then you can safely remove it. Here are several steps for removing your nose piercing.

Step 1. Remove your old jewelry

Once you are sure that the nose is completely healed, you can now change the nose piercing. This is done by first washing your hands or putting on sterilized gloves. Bare hands can carry thousands of pathogens that can cause an infection, and that’s why your hands must be clean.

Step 2. Remove the fastener

The second step involves removing the tool holding the piercing. However, you must first of all understand its mechanism because piercings are different. For example, if you used a seamless hoop, you will have to bend its two ends in different directions to widen it, then you can remove it with ease.

Step 3. Removals of the piercing

After removing the fastener, it is now easier for you to remove the piercing. Hold the jewelry gently and pull it out slowly. In case it has curves, you will have to follow the right angles until it’s safely removed.

Step 4. Cleaning the nose

This step is critical because it involves cleaning the nose with an antibacterial. You can dip some cotton swaps in an antibacterial solution then put it in your nose. Clean the inside and also the outside gently.

Step 5. Cleaning your nose piercing

Whether you are planning to reuse your jewelry or not, it is wise to clean it. Dip it in a saline solution and gently rub your hand around it, ensuring you have covered all the areas. Besides the saline solution, there are many antibacterial ones that one can use. After cleaning it, get the jewelry you intend to put on your nose and clean it as well. Please don’t use the old solution because it might have some bacteria.

Step 6. Insert your new jewelry

This step involves removing the fasteners and then inserting the jewelry through the sharp ends. Once you have successfully inserted the jewelry, use your hand to ensure you feel on either the outer or inner side. If you feel the jewelry piercing you, you are on the right track and almost done with the insertion. After that, cover the ring with its fastener and clean your hands.

Can one change their nose piercing after a day?

Definitely no. The pain and the sensitivity of the pierced nose is something you can’t withstand at this stage. The wound is still fresh, and your starter jewelry is not yet adjusted within a day.

Can one change their ear-piercing within a week?

Most newbies will ask if they can change their nose piercing within a week. I would not blame them because they haven’t been there before and experienced the pain. There is still some swelling one week after the piercing. Therefore, changing the nose ring might still be painful. However, if you are completely disgusted by your piercing, you can have it removed but with a clinician’s help. Please note that even having a doctor’s assistance will not exempt you from pain.

Can a nose piercing be changed after four weeks?

Well, there is no much difference between two and four weeks of the piercing. However, the choice remains to be yours. If you are ready to withstand the pain of removing and taking the nose piercing back, then you can go ahead and have your nose piercing changed. However, it is wise to keep in mind that a nose piercing can easily close up even after four weeks.

What happens if I change my nose piercing out soon?

What happens if I take my nose piercing out soon? Well, there are several effects of changing your nose piercing too soon. You can develop a swelling, which might lead to the closure of the piercing. Secondly, you can develop an irresistible irritation, leading to the transmission of bacteria hence an infection. Additionally, changing your nose piercing too soon could result in a tear in the pierced channel. This will mean that inserting another nose piercing will be as painful as doing it for the first time. Generally, it is not advisable to change your nose piercing too soon.

When Can I Change My Nose Piercing


How do I know my nose piercing has healed?

Here are some signs that show your nose piercing is healed.

  • When the swelling is gone
  • No pain when touching the piercing.
  • Your color skin is back to normal.
  • There is no discharge in your nose piercing.

Please note that the above signs will be evident after four months. This is the right stage to have your nose piercing changed.

If I am a newbie, what should I not do with my nose piercing?

Some excitement comes with piercing your nose for the first time. For most people, this excitement exceeds the pain they felt not long ago. However, it would be wise to understand some things that concern a newly pierced nose. Let’s discuss the things that you should not do to your nose piercing.

Avoid too much touching

The excitement that comes with a new piercing might trigger you to keep on touching your nose. You want to keep on feeling it and even looking at the mirror with anticipation of its quick healing. This is so common for newbies. Besides, there is the itchiness that comes after piecing, and it also pushes one to keep on touching their nose frequently. As mentioned earlier, human hands carry a lot of germs. Therefore, whenever you touch your nose, you are transferring these germs to the freshly pierced nose. This might lead to infections and delay the healing process. This is why you should avoid touching your piercing.

Turning the nose jewelry

When your nose is healing, it will have some crust formation around your nose ring. Seeing these rusts might entice you to peel them off or turn your nose ring, and that is not a wise thing to do. On the contrary, you should use a piece of cloth dipped in an antiseptic and wipe the crusts out. This will ensure that no germs are forming around the nose piercing.


Most newbies tend to over-clean their piercing. This is mostly due to the stories they might have heard regarding infections that come with piercing. The thought of being infected or your nose being discolored might lead you to over-cleaning. Most newbies are known to buy different types of antibacterial to ensure that they are safe. Well, being cautious is not bad, but overdoing it has repercussions also. This is why you should follow instructions on how to clean your nose piercing.

Additionally, there is no rocket science in cleaning a nose piercing. You need to use some water and a little antibacterial solution. Your cleaning should be at least three to four times a day.

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As much as having your nose pierced adds beauty to your outlook, it comes with its pain. These piercings need to be taken care of properly to avoid infections and closure. This is why your piercer should guide you on what to do. This is more so if you are a newbie. The healing process takes at least five months for most people, and this calls for patience. After that duration, you can now comfortably change your nose ring. This article has generously discussed the ideal time to change your nose piercing. I believe the read has been of help, especially if you are considering the procedure.

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