If you have some interest in jewelry, then you must have asked yourself what makes titanium steel? This is because titanium is a common metal used in making jewelry. It is a unique metal and has been the most preferred metal for jewelers for a very long time.

Remember, this is a transitional metal boasting an atomic mass of 47.88 and is one of the best alloys. Titanium steel prides in several properties, among them durability and strength.

Besides, the metal is also not expensive compared to metals like gold, diamond, and silver. This article will broadly expound on what makes titanium steel. Additionally, you will get to understand more contents regarding the metal.

What is Titanium Steel Made of?


What is titanium steel made of?

Most people will ask what titanium steel is made of. This is more so when they are shopping for jewelry. Well, titanium steel is a combination of steel and titanium. When alloyed together, titanium makes steel have more tensile strength and resistant to corrosion. Also, titanium steel is light in weight and more robust and durable, as mentioned earlier. This is in comparison with stainless steel.

Does titanium steel rust?

Titanium steel is rust and corrosion-resistant. This metal is not reactive to water or oxygen. However, the metal can be scratched and have dents. That is why you should be careful when handling it. Having this in mind, does titanium steel change color? No, the metal doesn’t change color, and that is what makes it ideal for jewelry. It is also important to note that titanium steel is prone to tarnishing and might require frequent cleaning to maintain its original look.

What jewelry does titanium steel make?

As mentioned earlier, titanium steel is popular in jewelry making. That’s is because it boasts several qualities that make it ideal for giving you a durable earring. It strong and can stand any pressure without tear and wear. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles are the leading titanium steel jewelry, among others. However, most jewelers will use grade one titanium steel to make jewelry because of its soft nature. Another reason why it is commonly used in making jewelry is because it is affordable and hypo-allergic.

What is Titanium Steel Made of?


Is titanium steel hypo allergic?

Is titanium steel hypo allergic? This is a question you will frequently hear in a jewelry store. Anyone shopping for a piece of titanium steel jewelry must seek affirmations that the metal is not allergic. Well, titanium steel is hypo-allergic and will barely react to your skin. This explains why it is used in the medical field. Therefore, you can rest assured that a titanium steel necklace won’t give you irritation.

Is titanium steel waterproof?

You don’t wish to buy a piece of jewelry that will limit you to your water activities. This is more so if you do household chores or like swimming. Is titanium steel waterproof? This will be your next question in a jewelry store. Luckily, the metal is waterproof, and therefore you don’t have to worry when in that swimming pool. Titanium steel is not easily damaged by chlorine or seawater thanks to its tensile strength and ability to resist corrosion.

What are the qualities of titanium steel?

Here are some of the diverse qualities of titanium steel.

Strength-Titanium steel is a strong metal with its strength doubling most of the other metals. Ironically, its strength doesn’t make it bulky. The metal remains light in weight.

Less expandableThe metal is less expandable even when subjected to heat. This explains why titanium steel is commonly used in factories, especially those dealing with energy production.

Photo catalystThis one of the essential qualities of titanium steel. Photocatalyst means the metal can be used in disinfection and sterilization. Besides, this quality makes it ideal for water and air purification.

Not harmful: Titanium steel is not harmful to humans, and this makes it a friendly metal.

Light-Titanium steel is a naturally light metal. This is why it is used in making portable objects.

Resistant to corrosion: Titanium steel is highly resistant to corrosion. You don’t have to worry about being in the water. It has prolonged life and can serve you for a long time, thus giving you value for your money.

What are other uses of titanium steel

Besides making jewelry, here are other applications of titanium metal.

1.Industrial uses

Titanium steel is used in industries because of its tensile strength, ability to withstand pressure, and resist corrosion. These qualities make it usable in armor plating, spacecraft, and aircraft. Additionally, the metal has more advanced uses, including creating structural parts like landing gear, hydraulic systems, and firewalls. Generally, the role of titanium steel in aircraft is broad.

2.Automative use

Titanium steel is used in automotive applications because it is light in weight. This is more so in the making of motorcycle and automobile racing. These auto motives demand less weight, and that’s why the metal comes in handy. On the other hand, titanium steel is also used in making sports items like hockey, cricket, bicycle frames, and helmet grills for football.

3.Medical field

Titanium steel is broadly used in the medical field. That’s because it is not toxic, and therefore, it is readily accepted by the body. The main application of titanium steel in the medical field is in the making of implants and surgical implements. Once put in the body, these gadgets can serve for close to 20 years. Additionally, the metal is used in making wheelchairs and crutches because of its high strength and low weight.

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Titanium steel is a standard metal boasting many uses in the industrial, sports, and medical fields. This is because it is non-reactive and strong. Its affordability has made it to be significantly used in jewelry making. When alloyed with other metals, titanium steel makes them strong and durable. You can never go wrong with this metal. This article has generously discussed all you might have wanted to know about titanium steel.

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