Jewelry is part of fashion, and most people are passionate about having one or more jewelry pieces. However, there are some details about jewelry that they aren’t aware of. Have you ever known that there is a stamping that is done on jewelry? This stamping is done after the jeweler is done with processing the jewelry.

These stamps vary from one metal type to another. Understanding the stamp’s meaning will help you know what metal has been used to make the jewelry. However, not all jewelry has these stamps, and that means its most likely not genuine. In this detailed article, we are going to look at the meaning of 925 on jewelry.

What Does 925 Mean On Jewelry

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What does 925 Mean on jewelry?

925 in any jewelry piece means that 92.5% of it is sterling silver while the remaining percentage is alloyed. Any jewelry without the 925 stamps is not made of a sterling silver even if silver traces appear. Some jewelry is plated with silver, but that doesn’t earn them the 925 stamps. Also, in the world of jewelry, sterling silver is another word for 925 silver.

What is the price of 925 silver?

Most people will always ask for the price of 925 silver. The truth about this is that a piece of sterling silver jewelry is pretty expensive and will cost you quite some dollars. Buying sterling silver jewelry is advantageous in that its value keeps on appreciating, and if you need to sell it, you won’t suffer any loss.

What is the quality of 925 silver?

The quality of sterling silver is high, and that’s why it is ranked among the world’s best metals. Secondly, the metal is strong and durable because it has very few alloys. The sterling silver quality also lies in its silver colors, which happens to be most people’s preference, especially the women. The color is shiny, bright, and appealing to the eyes. Moreover, sterling silver can be stretched under tension, and that means it doesn’t break easily.

What Does 925 Mean On Jewelry

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How do we test silver 925?

The emergence of fake metals will necessitate testing the silver item to know whether it’s genuine. The testing is done by using nitric acid. To get the results, a small piece of the item is filed from an unnoticeable part. The jeweler puts that piece in nitric acid. If the piece turns to creamy white, then that jewelry is made of pure sterling silver. On the other hand, if it turns green, it is fake or just plated with sliver, and that should tell you to halt your purchase. The testing of silver 925 doesn’t take long.

What is the longevity of sterling silver?

A piece of sterling silver jewelry can last between 30 to 40 years on average and if well maintained. This depends on the frequency of usage. However, the longevity of silver 925 will be achieved through the following tips:

1.Keep it away from water

When sterling silver gets in touch with water, the chemicals in it might cause corrosion to your jewelry. Showering with your sterling silver necklace will lead to its tarnishing. Also, swimmers should remove their jewelry because the chlorine in the pool is a great enemy to silver 925. Moreover, if you are doing hot tubs and hot springs, ensure you remove the jewelry to keep it safe from sulfur, which is extremely reactive to the metal. Generally, it is advisable to keep your silver 925 jewelry away from water and liquids.

2.Understand your body

The longevity of a silver 925 jewelry can be affected by the chemicals that your body releases through sweat. Sweat is reactive to the metal and can easily tarnish it. If you realize this problem, it is wise that you check on your diet and ensure that you don’t sweat a lot.

3.Proper storage

Anything that is well kept tends to last long, and the same case applies to silver sterling. It would help if you were cautious about how you store your piece of jewelry. Exposure to air will tarnish that piece of silver 925 chains that you adore. Silver 925 Jewelry is better stored in tight airbags that have zero tarnishing properties. Also, as you store them, ensure that you don’t include anything else in the storage bag; most jewelry has got hooks, which might stick to these items resulting in tangling and scratching. Proper storage of silver 925 will ensure its longevity.

4.Know when to remove your jewelry

Most people like having their jewelry on throughout, but they don’t know that leads to tarnishing. Removing your jewelry is critical because factors like chlorine, harsh and direct sunlight, sweat, and strong chemicals are the main contributors to your jewelry’s tarnishing. It is therefore ideal for removing your silver 925 when:

  • Doing house chores such as laundry and mopping
  • In the gym or doing some running outside
  • Grooming yourselves maybe by applying lotions
  • In hot environments
  • Swimming, or in hot tubs and springs.

You don’t need to have your jewelry every time, and besides, the value for that sterling silver earring can’t be compared to a few sessions of activities.

Accessories made of 925

  1. Rings-since it doesn’t have nickel. Sterling silver is used to make rings. This means that anyone can put on, including the ones with metallic allergies.
  2. Bracelets-Silver 925 makes the best bracelets that will make you wrist appealing, shiny, and engaged.
  3. Pendants-sterling silver is spectacular and reliable, and that is why most jewelers use it to make pendants for holding jewels.
  4. Necklaces-It is best to make a necklace and their pendants as well.

What Does 925 Mean On Jewelry

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Benefits of sterling silver

Having a silver 925 jewelry presents you with lots of benefits. They include durability, versatility, and value for you your money. Here is a discussion on some of the benefits of silver 925

1.Lots of design choices

Since it is a soft metal, jewelers can mold and design it into different designs. The various designs off silver 925 leave you with numerous options when choosing what to buy. The sterling silver market gives you the best of the market designs, whether it’s a ring, a necklace, or a watch you want to buy. The market has enough options for you.

2.Easy to maintain

Unlike other jewelry making metals, the maintenance of silver 925 is not demanding. It requires just some wiping and cleaning with a piece of cloth and its back to its shiny nature. This makes it ideal for people who have less time to maintain their jewelry.


Some jewelry can limit your undertakings, but that is different when it comes to silver 925. You can have it on in whichever occasion, be it a party, church service, or even in the office. It generously gives you that sassy and spectacular look. Additionally, its versatility makes it blend well with other types of metal, and you can mix them regardless of the occasion.


Fashions keep on changing now and then with new products replacing the old ones. This also applies to the jewelry industry, but the case is different for sterling silver. It has always been trending, and purchasing it will keep your position in the fashion arena. The designs of silver 925 may change, but that doesn’t bring it anywhere close to being out of fashion.

What Does 925 Mean On Jewelry

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The sterling silver doesn’t have traces of nickel in it, which puts it among the most non-reactive metals. When it comes into contact with your skin, it doesn’t cause any effects. This factor makes it ideal for people with metallic allergies and sensitive skin.


It might sound funny to say that there are some health benefits of 925, but precisely it is true. Silver 925 is a good stimulant of energy once it is in contact with the skin. This effect will translate to power in your body, and that means that as long you wear sterling silver jewelry, you will have higher chances of being energetic. Whenever your skin assimilates silver, it gets a high pain-relieving effect, thus minimizing muscle and joint pain. This works well for people who have arthritis. Sterling silver is also a promoter of blood circulation within your body.


With the above information, we have attained knowledge in regards to silver 925. However, it is wise to be careful while shopping for a silver 925 jewelry. This is because there are fake ones in the market. The only way to establish whether a piece of jewelry is made of silver 925 is by checking whether it is stamped. Legal artisans and jewelers will always stamp their work for easy identification by their potential customers. If you notice your preference doesn’t have a stamp, please move to a genuine jewelry dealer. Cheap metals are allergic and cause discomfort, and that is why sterling silver is the perfect option for your skin. Having stood the test of time, silver 925 jewelry is durable and diverse, making it everyone’s favorite choice when it comes to looking good.

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