Body modification has become familiar to people, and nose piercing is trending in the list. If you have been contemplating on having your nose pierced, then this is your ultimate read. You must have asked yourself what the pros and cons of nose piercing are. Well, understanding the pros and cons of this procedure is essential. It will help you make a well-informed decision and also get some psychological preparations. This in-depth article will take you through the pros and cons of nose piercing.

The Pros and Cons of Nose Piercing You Should Know


The pros and cons of nose piercing

We shall start with the positive side of this procedure. This will help you gain some confidence. Let’s look at the pros of nose piercing.

The Pros of nose piercing

It’s a fast and simple procedure

You might have heard different stories about how nose piercing takes a long time. On the contrary, this procedure is simple, and it will take you a few minutes to have your nose ring. Besides being a fast procedure, the healing process is also immediate, unlike other body piercings. However, the kind of care you give to your nose is a critical factor in the healing process. The nose piercing scar should heal pretty fast with proper care. Even though it’s painful, nose piercing takes a short time, and you will forget about the pain.

Touch of style

Nose piercing has remained a trendy way of style. It can blend well with most of your fashion taste, and that nose ring has a magical way of making everyone notice you. Whether you are in a church or wedding function, your beauty will be striking. This explains why the procedure has been most people’s favorite for the longest time. A nose ring has a powerful statement about how you look. This is why you should not hesitate to pull that piercing on yourself.

Fast healing

A nose piercing scar heals pretty fast, as mentioned earlier. However, that comes with a commitment to taking proper care of it. If a professional piercer does the procedure, they will give you sufficient guidance on taking care of the nose piercing. The most extended healing duration of a nose piercing is five months.

Diversified types of nose piercing

There are many types of nose piercing, and you might be lost for choices. Let us have a look at them

  • Rhino Piercing-This piercing is done between your nostrils, extending up to your nose tip. It is also known as a vertical nose piercing.
  • 3 in 1 piercing or Nassalang– This type of piercing penetrates through both nostrils and the septum. Most piercers term it as a difficult piercing procedure.
  • Bridge piercing-This type of nose piercing is not common. It is done at the bridge of the nose, directly between your eyes. This piercing has high scarring risks, especially after the starter jewelry is removed.
  • The ala nose Piercing-This piercing is done on the right or left side of your nostril.  This type of piercing is versatile and will match every trending style and any color complexion. Additionally, you will have unlimited varieties of jewelry to use. You can be sure to look amazing with the ala piercing.
  • High nostril Piercing-This piercing is similar to the nostril piercing only that the piercing is slightly above. It looks good, but you will have a limitation on jewelry. You can only use studs and nostril screws for this type of piercing. Additionally, you can have a high nostril piercing done on any side of the nose.
  • Bullnose piercing-This kind of piercing is done on the skin, unlike other piercings that go through the nasal cartilage. It is also known as septum piercing. Your jewelry will hang freely with this piercing. This type of piercing is only meant for people whose septum is not crooked.

Choices for jewelry

You will be lost for choices with nose piercing jewelry. There are uncountable types of nose piercing jewelry that you can go for. The good side of them is that they will match any of your outfits regardless of the color. They include the studs, nose pins, nose hoops, nostril screw, and the famous l-shaped nose pins. All these jewelry pieces will come in handy in blending with your wardrobe, thus enhancing your beauty.

Fewer risks involved

There are no many risks involved with a nose piercing. This is more so if you will be keen to follow the necessary guidelines. Nose piercing will heal quickly, and you will look beautiful.

Health benefits

I am sure you are already wondering how nose piercing is related to health. Well, this applies to some cultures. For example, besides beauty, Indians believe that nose piercing has some benefits. They believe that both the reproductive systems and organs will be healthy when a woman has her left nostril pierced. If your belief is similar to this, you should go ahead and have the procedure done.

Another benefit of nose piercing is that it strengthens one’s eyesight. This is more so if it is done on the upper side of the nose. Additionally, the Chinese believe that the procedure helps in brain development, especially in children. They think that it is due to proper blood circulation, which is stimulated by the piercing.

The Risks and Cons of Nose Piercing

Anything that has a good side must also have a bad side. Here are the cons of nose piercing and the risks involved. You will understand how to evade them in case you go for the procedure.

The Pros and Cons of Nose Piercing You Should Know


Nose piercing cleaning challenges

The process of nose cleaning might seem to be easy, but that is not the case. However, adhering to instructions will make it fast and straightforward. Here are some of the challenges of cleaning a nose piercing.

  • The studs might fall off.
  • It is painful for some people.
  • You might develop a black scar.
  • It is generally uncomfortable.

High risks of allergies

You can never be sure of not developing allergies to your nose piercing. Most of these allergies are caused by the jewelry. This calls for you to choose the best nose rings that will not trigger irritations. The best jewelry for nose piercings is the one that is nickel-free. It is also wise to avoid nose rings that will quickly tarnish as they might cause bacterial growth around your nose.


It is not all rosy with a nose piercing. One stands a high risk of having infections that might affect your health. Most infections associated with nose piercing are bacterial. The infections will cause pus, pain, bleeding, swelling, and might result in bumps. If you notice any of these symptoms, then it is time to seek medical help. Ignoring these signs might lead to the decomposition of your nasal tissues.

Granulomatous Inflammation

This is a condition that occurs after a nose piercing. It happens when the nose pin gets stuck in the nasal mucosa. It is painful and can cause nasal cartilage destruction. One might also experience some difficulties in breathing in the worst-case scenario. You can only remove the stuck studs through surgery.

How to take care of your nose piercing?

The care is done by first cleaning the areas around the studs. You dip the cotton balls into saline and start wiping gently. Ensure you clean both the inner and outer sides of the nose. The cleaning procedure should be done at least three times a day. If your nose is completely healed, it is wise also to clean the jewelry often.

What are the dos and don’ts of nose piercing?

  • Do not twist your nose jewelry to avoid irritation.
  • Do not share your nose studs with anyone.
  • Avoid hydrogen peroxide when cleaning your nose.
  • Always insert the ring in a clockwise direction gently.

Should you get your nose pierced?

You must be asking yourself this question now that you understand the pros and cons of nose piercing. The answer is yes if you like body modification. There are good benefits of nose piercing, and above all, you will look beautiful and stylish. The cons can be avoided by only taking proper care of your piercing. It would help if you did not hesitate to have the procedure done.

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There are many advantages of nose piercing, including the health and beauty benefits, as discussed above. We can’t ignore the fact that nose piercing has gained so much popularity, especially among young people. The procedure has a significant impact on fashion, with many celebrities being on the front line. Also, you will hardly see any model without a nose ring. This confirms that there is nothing wrong with having your nose pierced. This article has broadly outlined the cons and pros of nose piercing. I believe you are in a better position of making an informed decision. In case you opt to go for the piercing, be careful to take proper care of your piercing.

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