Pendant Vs Necklace: What Is The Difference Between A Necklace And A Pendant

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Necklace vs Pendant Overview

Are you a jewelry enthusiast? You must have encountered these two terms: Necklace and Pendant. There is a high chance that you think necklaces and pendants refer to the same type of jewelry. The good news is you are not the only one with the same thoughts. Many of us are thereunder impression. However, the reality is that the two are different items with different functions.

This might sound confusing. What are the differences between necklaces and pendant? Which one should I buy? Luckily, we’ve it all found out. Read on as we do a comprehensive breakdown of the differences between necklaces and pendant.

Necklaces and pendants go hand in hand, as they are mostly worn together. Yet technically, they’re two very different pieces of jewelry. A necklace is a piece of jewelry that goes around your neck, while a pendant is a small piece of jewelry that’s hung onto the necklace itself. This might be heart-shaped or diamond-shaped that is attached to a sequence necklace.

Apart from being combined with a necklace, a pendant also can be featured on bracelets or anklets. You’ll actually wear a pendant on any part of the body, as long because it is attached to a sequence.

A necklace, however, unlike a pendant, is worn on your neck only. Not on any other body part. It is not rare to hear a necklace being referred to as a collier. This is mainly because the term necklace is usually used as a generic term.

Pendant Vs Necklace: What Is The Difference Between Necklace And Pendant

What is a Necklace

What is a Necklace

Simply defined, the necklace is any piece of jewelry that you simply will wear around your neck, and that’s where it also gets its name, the ‘necklace’. The necklace pieces are made using both cheaper and expensive materials like diamonds, gold, silver, and platinum.

Therefore, the necklace’s primary goal is to enhance and accentuate your look because it draws attention to your face. Ultimately the ladies and even gents can purchase the various lengths, styles, and colors of necklaces to match their outfit. The necklace further draws the eye to your collarbone.

Of course, once you are trying to find a necklace, you ought to consider the material that has been used for making it. You can choose either the diamond-like pieces of the gemstone. Additionally, you’ll have a necklace with a pendant, which leads us to define a pendant.

What is a Pendant?

What is a Pendant?

Well, they have been in existence for quite a while. During the ancient days, people used to hang rocks, shells, and more. Today more precious stones such as diamonds and gold are used on pendants. Pendants were wont to symbolize riches, especially by the Egyptians. This was the simplest method to exclude the rich from the commoners.

In other cultures, pendants were used as charms. It was believed that they carried some significant charm and power. They believed that it would offer protection against some evil forces.

Today you’ll have seen the medals given during sports events. For instance, those are just a few of the pendant types. They symbolize victory, and thus again, it gives them status and recognition.

Therefore, the pendant is a piece of jewelry that you simply attach to the chain or necklace. Sometimes bracelets or maybe anklets. So it is attached to the opposite jewelry employing a loop.

Most people ask why it is called a pendant if you only attach it to the chain necklace? Well, the thing is that if the pendant draws all the eye to itself. This is why you will call it a pendant and not the necklace.

Types of Necklace

Another way of  finding out the differences between necklace and pendant is by looking at their respective types.

Here are the most common types  of necklaces:


A chain is a type of necklace  whose design resembles  a cable. Chains are made of different types of metals hence they have different values and characteristics. This type of necklace tends to appear big and has heavy accent than most types of necklaces.

Chain necklaces come in different shapes,  sizes and designs. Some have simple appearance while others  are heavily decorated.


As the name suggests, this type of necklace literally chokes the wearer. It is unique from other types of necklaces. Choker necklaces are designed to rest just above your collarbones, falling along the bottom of the neck. Some chokers leave a touch breathing space, while others are firmly wrapped around the neck hence the name. This necklace design type is quite popular because it is capable of accentuating both shoulders and neck. It also brings some significant attention to the face.


This type of necklace is also known as the multiple strand necklace. This is because the first thing that you will notice on it are the numerous strands. They’re unique and contemporary and among the most loved type of necklaces today. It gives a bold statement and personality. Of course, we have to recognize the fact that not everyone may be comfortable wearing this type of necklace today.

Cascade necklaces form an aesthetic style that will accentuate your feminimty. You’ll use them for various events like weddings and friendly parties. Although they are known for being casual, quite a number of them also are formal. You only need to be more careful with the cascade necklace’s design and style that you buy.

Single strands

This is the opposite of a cascade necklace. It is probably the oldest and the simplest type of necklace around. It is an ideal type of necklace for someone less interested in a necklace’s intricate designs and styles. Are single strands dull? They don’t have to. All you need is to buy a single strand necklace that is well-decorated according to your specifications. It will still be able to accentuate your outlook.

Princess necklace

Princess necklace is also quite popular among people of different ages. This necklace is not too long nor too short. It rests just below the collarbone, and its length is just perfect for drawing the attention that you need. Its resting position means that it can do an excellent job of accentuating the face.

Opera length necklace

As the name suggests, these type of necklaces are known for being uniquely lengthy. This feature makes them create a dramatic if not shouting look when worn. You can use bold colors and decorations to make this necklace more visible. Even with the outstanding length, an opera necklace can still have a focal point, especially if you add a unique pendant onto it.

Types of Pendant

Here are the main types of pendant that you should know:

Diamond Pendant

Diamond Pendant

Diamond is known not only for luxury but also for the unique design that comes with it. It is the most precious jewel within the jewel industry.  Perhaps this explains why a diamond is always considered one of the most precious gifts that a lady can receive.

A significant percentage of the pendant in the market is made from diamond. Apart from just the looks, this precious stone is liked because of its flexibility and versatility. Diamond pendants are very versatile, and there’s a wide range to settle on, ranging from the princess, cushion, or emerald cut. They also are available in different sizes, which ensures there’s a diamond pendant for any occasion. You can easily find one that meets your taste and desires.

You can have it in several colors, styles, and shapes also. Although diamond pendants are stylish and attract massive attention, you will have to bear with their high cost. So you are happy that you have found cheap diamond pendants for sale? There is a high chance that you are about to buy a fake diamond.

Heart pendant

heart Pendant

Heart pendants are an excellent piece of jewelry that you’ll wish to wear forever! They are mostly used as a symbol of love and togetherness. Some people like to gift them while proposing to their love for the primary time, while others wish to buy them on their anniversaries to commemorate the period they have been together.

Heart pendants are designed to rest next to the heart, just like their shape. Have you received a heart pendant? This is one of the signs of being loved by the person.

Hearts are the normal symbol of affection and romance, so what’s better than receiving heart shape pendant from your beloved? These pendants can also be designed as a double pendant with two hearts next to each other. The pendants are available in a  broad range of designs, colors, metal, finishes, and styles.

Gemstone pendants

Gemstone Pendant

Gemstone pendants are a perfect choice for someone who wants to look glamorous without spending too much. Gemstones are available in a wide selection of styles, from subtle to bold, and exude an aura of captivating charm. They are also suitable for different occasions.

You cannot underrate the looks of gemstones. These vibrant colored stones are bound to grab attention thanks to their vivid appearance and elegance statement. The use of gemstones in pendants will accentuate the looks of a  necklace and make it appear unique.

Common gemstone pendants include precious, and exotic gemstones like amethyst, ruby, tanzanite, citrine, emerald, and sapphire are wont to make it more vibrant and sparkling.

Each gemstone has a unique meaning and conveys a different message. Stones like sapphires and rubies add a classic element to any type of jewelry. For example, symbolizes love, sapphire mean loyalty, and emerald symbolizes faithfulness. You can also buy a gemstone pendant that matches with your birthday or anniversary gemstone.

Medallion pendant

As the name suggests, this pendant is mainly used as a medal to be awarded to the best performers in different events. A perfect example is the Olympics events where we have Gold, Silver, and Bronze medallion pendants. These pendants are also common in the military, where service members are awarded depending on their performance and experience.

Locket pendant

Locket pendants tend to have a special attachment with the owners. They are usually made of high-grade gold or silver to serve their purpose for a lifetime. A typical locket has a small hole inside where you can attach a photo of someone you love, if not adore.

Lockets tend to have the same impact as the heart pendants. In fact, some are designed to have a heart shape.


Amulets are another old-age pendant that is known for having some powers and magic. In many cultures, amulets are believed to be capable of swaying off the evil spirits. They protect the wearers from bad things that are destined to happen to them.

Cross pendants

These pendants are common in the religious circles. They are usually worn for different religious reasons, among them to profess their faith or belief. Cross pendants also vary in sizes, designs and styles.  You can also buy a custom cross pendant and it will be designed according to your specifications.

Choosing the Best Necklace for a Pendant

As we have seen there is a close relationship between necklaces and a pendants. Pendants are usually attached to the necklace. So, once you have made up your mind on the pendant that you want, the next step is to select its best necklace.

Key factors that will help you to select the best necklace for a pendant include:

-Size and weight of the necklace: The size of the necklace should match with that of the pendant. The same rule applies to the weight. A perfect balance will ensure that the pendant is safely suspended from the necklace.

The dimension of the hole or bail on the pendant: Ensure that the chain can easily thread through the pendant without any problem. You can  verify this manually.

-Length of the chain:  You should carefully consider the length of the chain as it will determine where the pendant will rest on the body.

-Style and design of the necklace: You should be keen on the general appearance of the necklace. Choose a style that will create a perfect match with the pendant.

I hope that you  now have  all the necessary  information regarding the differences between a necklace and pendant. You will use it when it comes to buying either or both of these jewelry.

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