Is 14k Italy Gold Chain Real Or Fake?

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Do you love jewelry that is made of gold? You must have heard or even familiarized yourself with the Italian Gold. It is one of the best variants of gold in the jewelry market.

You will never go wrong with any 14K Italy gold chain. It has a positive reputation and jewelry enthusiasts all over the world have been loving it for centuries.

But, the biggest question that most people tend to ask is whether the 14K Italy Gold chain is real or is it fake? Should I go ahead to buy this gold chain or should I look for another golden chain?

We have the answers to these questions. Read on as we decipher the truth and the lies of the 14K gold chain.

What is 14K Italy Gold Chain?

  Is 14k Italy Gold Chain Real Or Fake?

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14K gold chain means that the gold chain has a total of 14 parts out of the possible 24 parts. The rest of the parts are made of other metal alloys. Since it is a 14K Italy, it means that the Italian gold has been used to make up for the golden section of the chain.

In short, it means that gold is real or authentic.

In the jewelry scene, 14K gold falls in the middle of the gold variants. This is based on the fact that gold types are denoted in figures ranging from 8K to 24K. So, 14K falls almost in the middle of the ranks.

The 8K gold is not very common, and even if it is available, it is of the lowest quality. You will find it being cheaply sold in flea markets. On the other hand, the 24K gold is of the highest quality. It is rare and the most expensive gold.

In most countries, gold that is below 10K does not bear the carat mark and is rarely considered as gold. In some cases, it is even illegal to sell them as gold.

So, we can safely state that 14K is a recommended standard for any gold.  You can comfortably buy your 14K Italy Gold Chain without having any doubts about its authenticity or even quality.

Features of 14K Italy Gold

To know whether the 14K Italy gold chain is real or fake, it will be prudent that we outline some distinct features of this type of gold. They include;

One distinct feature about 14K Italy gold is the color. The 14K yellow gold is identified by its strikingly yellow color. However, its color is not as saturated as the 24K gold. In terms of comparison, 14K has a relatively paler hue than the 24K gold.

However, the color of the 14K gold may still have a slight variation because of the metal alloys used.

Another key factor that separates 14K gold from other gold variants such as 18K and 24K is the hardness. 14K is harder than most gold types thanks to the metal alloys in it.

How to Tell if 14K Italy Gold Chain is Real or Fake

Although we have outlined the distinct features of the 14K Italy gold, this may not be enough to help you ascertain the authenticity of the 14K Italy gold chain.

Even though a gold chain may be marked “14K Italy Gold” It may be very far from being authentic. This is why it is always prudent to deploy methods that can verify its originality.

Checking the markings

One way of verifying the originality of the gold is by checking its marks.  All the 14K Italy gold chains feature the finesse marks instead of the karat marks. In this case, the 14K Italy gold will have the 585 mark while the 18K will have the 7500 mark.

Sometimes the 14K Italy Gold is marked “14K Italy or just “585”. Keep in mind that these forged marks don’t have any gold content.

If such marks are missing, chances are the gold chain is fake.

You should also strive to stay away from the chains that are labeled “gold filled”. Some dealers even go to the extent of labeling their chains as “Italian Gold”. They do all these intending to lure you to buy the fake gold.

Acid testing

This is another reliable method for testing the amount of gold that is in a piece of jewelry. In our case, the test will tell whether the chain is 14K jewelry.

You simply need to take the chain to a jeweler who will carry out the test for you. The jeweler will obtain a small sample by scratching the chain with a testing stone. A very tiny surface of the gold chain will be affected by the scratch.

They will apply nitric acid on the scratch then monitor the chemical reaction.

You can also do the acid testing at home. You will then follow the procedures for an acid test at home to determine the quality and quantity of gold in a piece of jewelry.

Magnetic  test for gold chain

You can also conduct magnetic testing to know whether the gold chain is real or fake.

This technique is based on the fact that gold is a non-magnetic material. It is not attracted by a magnet. If it does so, then this will be proof that it is laced with other metals.

However, the method can result in serious flaws since the 14K gold chain contains other metal alloys, some of which are attracted to the magnet.

What are Fake Italy Gold Chains Made Of?

  Is 14k Italy Gold Chain Real Or Fake?

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As we have seen, there are fake 14K Italy gold chains in the market. What are they are what are they made of?

As the name suggests, fake Italy gold chains are not made of the real 14K Italy gold. Instead, they are simply gold-plated to have the resemblance of the real gold chain.

In other words, the chain is made of other metals that have no relationship with the real gold. These metals are not even alloys of gold.

The metals are covered with a layer of gold plating so that they can appear like the real gold.

To an ordinary buyer, you may easily buy these chains knowing that they are gold yet they aren’t. In fact, some are overpriced to cast any doubts about their quality. Others tend to be cheaper and you will be attracted by their irresistibly low prices.

What is the Price of 14K Italy Gold Chain?

Before you buy a 14K Italy Gold Chain, you would like to know its exact price.

Like most Italian gold jewelry, the cost of the Italy gold chain will depend on where you buy among many other factors.

In most cases, the chain is priced based on the grams. Its average price is $24.50/gram.

It is vital to note that the price is not fixed. It varies depending on the market conditions.

Also, where you buy Italy gold chain will determine the price that you will pay.

A reputable gold chain store will sell the gold chain at a reasonable price. Woe unto you if you buy the chain from the unscrupulous dealer as you will end up paying a high price for the chain.

It will be wise to conduct comprehensive market research on the price of the 14K Italy gold chain as this will ensure that you get the best deal.

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Where to Buy Real 14K Italy Gold Chain

One thing that stands out is where you buy the 14K Italy gold chain matters. It determines whether you will end up with a real gold chain or a fake one. Your choice of the seller will also determine the price that you will pay for the gold chain.

The simplest answer to this issue is simple: buy from reputable gold chain stores. Such jewelry stores have a reputation for meeting the highest expectations of the customers.

Not only will you find real and quality 14K gold chains from such sellers but also you will be impressed by their prices.

There is a minimal chance of being screwed by the best 14K Italy gold chain sellers in China.

So, what should I do to get such gold chain sellers?

There are different techniques that you can use to find the best 14k Italy gold chain stores in China. The easiest method is through the internet.

Scourge through the online space and you will encounter such sellers.

Also, you can use the 14K Italy gold chain reviews to verify the credibility and the reputation of the gold chain seller.


The glittering effect of a golden chain is a magnet to the eyes. Not forgetting a sense of class and fashion that it will have on the wearer.

While the jewelry market is flooded with different types of gold chain we cannot afford to overlook the potent effect of the 14K Italy gold chain.

We have ascertained that the 14K Italy gold chain is real gold. You should go ahead to buy, and wear it confidently without having any reservations.

However, do not forget to properly scrutinize the chin before paying for it. Without forgetting that you should buy from reputable 14K Italy gold chain sellers.

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