Piercing your ears is exciting, and it’s also a sign of braveness and desire to look good. However, it is not all times that your ears will have earrings. This is if you are a student or you work in a place with restrictions on jewelry. This means that you need to find a way of having your piercing open without using an earring. How can you achieve this and still retain your piercing?

Times have changed, and nowadays, it is easy to have body modifications, including ear piercing easily. There are different ear piercing types, but none of them is a guarantee to your ears not closing. Therefore, you need to find ways in which you can keep your ear open and safe. This is critical because if you neglect your ears and end up closing, you might have to do another piercing. This article will discuss how your ear-piercing can remain open without earrings. This is a good read, especially if you don’t like wearing earrings for long.

How To Keep Ear-piercing Open Without Earrings


How to keep ear-piercing open without earrings

Your piercer will greatly determine how your ear piercing comes along. This is why it is crucial to have a professional piercer serve you. They can do it with fewer risks and give you some guidance on how you can take care of the piercing. A newly pierced ear has a high chance of closing up within hours after removing your earrings. On the other hand, if the piercing has stayed for a year, it might take you some weeks before shrinking.

Your ear piercing requires ultimate care for around eight weeks after the piercing. However, the type of earrings you use will also determine how long the healing takes. You should not change your starter earrings within the first eight months. Again, it would be best if you gave proper care to the piercing to prevent infections and the development of bumps. Following the instructions of your piercer on cleaning is of great importance. After eight weeks, you can remove the starter jewelry and have it cleaned. However, most piercers will advise you to give your ear at least one year before removing the earrings.

The time an ear-piercing takes before healing also depends on an individual. Some people heal pretty fast than others. It is important to note that there are some reasons why you might be forced to remove your piercing before it heals. This could be school regulations that don’t allow you to have your earrings or a particular activity. It is not easy to keep your ear open without that piece of jewelry, but it is still possible.

Let’s look at some ways of keeping your ear-piercing open without earrings.

Use quartz retainers or glass

Sometimes circumstances will force us to hide our ear piercings. If you want your ears discrete, then a clear glass ear-piercing retainer will come through for you. It is difficult for anyone to notice glass or quartz jewelry unless with very close inspection. Using a plastic ear-piercing retainer is risky and will expose you to infections. This is more so within the first eight weeks of the piercing. Plastics might be cheap, but their risk is high. Additionally, it is wise to consult your piercer and maybe have them safely change your earrings.

The type of retainer jewelry you use is of great importance. That’s because some pieces of jewelry cause irritations and allergies, which might result in ear closing infections. Most professionals will advise you to go for stainless steel or gold earrings as the best ear piercing retainer jewelry. Earrings made of these metals are hypo allergic and will not expose you to risks.

How To Keep Ear-piercing Open Without Earrings


Only remove your earrings when it is necessary

Some situations might force you to remove your earrings. As mentioned earlier, this could be a school regulation or a sports activity. You might not have any option but to remove them. Fortunately, ears do not close that fast. This is more so if the eight weeks’ period is over. On the other hand, you can use earring covers for sports if you want to hide your ear piercing during your swimming session.

Whenever you remove your earrings, a thin membrane grows around the piercing but doesn’t close it. This membrane can be penetrated easily by your earrings without any pain. In case you feel some pain, you can lubricate the piercing using some oil for easier penetration. This is why you should not fear removing your earrings if situations dictate so.

On the contrary, if you had a cartilage ear piercing, then you have minimal chances of your ears closing without an earring. This explains why some people opt to go for that type of piercing.

Use small earrings

You can choose small ear studs or invisible earrings in case getting clear earrings is difficult. The studs should be microscopic because you aim to hide your ear-piercing. Ensure you get a stud that matches your skin color because they will be difficult to notice. On the other hand, if you fail to get clear studs, you can choose to use an earring stem. This is because a stem can stay inside your ear-piercing and keep it open without anyone realizing it.

Use a concealer

This is another smart way of hiding your ear-piercing, and it is done by applying some concealer on your stud. Note that the concealer should look like the color of your skin. However, this method is not 100% safe because the foundation might attract bacteria to your piercing. Besides, doing some makeup on your jewelry is unhygienic.

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Ear-piercing is good and makes us beautiful and proud. They symbolically express our boldness and concerns about our appearances. Nevertheless, some situations limit us and demand that we stay without our earrings. In such situations, we should employ the tricks of keeping our ear piercing open without earrings. This article has highlighted various ways to achieve that, and I believe you now know how to pull the trick if a demand for it arises.

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