How Much is Tungsten Carbide Ring Worth

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When it comes to rings or wedding bands, most of us think about gold, silver, or diamond. However, there is a relatively newer material for the ring that has been gaining popularity quite fast in recent years. That is tungsten carbide.

Truthfully, one of the reasons behind the rising popularity of the tungsten carbide material is cost. It is cheaper than most ring materials.

Even though tungsten carbide seems to be a cost-friendly option, you still would like to get the true value for your money.

This is the core purpose of this post. We are going to know the cost of carbide and how to find its worth.

What is Tungsten Carbide Ring?

As the name suggests, tungsten carbide is a ring that is made of a combination of tungsten and carbon. These two elements are combined through the alloying process to form a single compound.

Although tungsten forms up to 80% of the alloy, key properties of carbon are still visible. For example, the hardness of the ring is majorly due to the presence of carbide. The ring is also packed with other numerous properties that you ought to know.

In terms of looks or appearance, tungsten carbide has a deep grey color, that is if it has not been subjected to any treatment or polishing. Like most jewelry items, the jewel will be subjected to further processes such as polishing and sandblasting which will eventually improve its outside appearance.

Background Information About Tungsten Carbide Ring

Before you dig deep to assess the value of the tungsten carbide ring, it will be prudent to know its origin.

The history of tungsten carbide dates back to the 1700s when the first tungsten ores were extracted.

Later in the 1800s, the very first tungsten carbide metal was synthesized. During those early years, tungsten was majorly used for industrial purposes thanks to its desirable physical and chemical properties.


Later on, Tungsten carbide was used for making different pieces of surgical equipment that were used for medical purposes. It was during the 1900s that the world witnessed the emergence of tungsten carbide rings.

What is the Cost of Tungsten Carbide Ring?

You are here because you want to know the exact cost of the tungsten carbide ring. However, it is pretty hard to give you the exact answer to this question.

I may just tell you that the price of tungsten carbide does not exceed $10. To some extent, this may be true but can also be false. This is because you will go to some places where the price of this ring will be more than $100.

In other words, we are saying that there is no fixed price for the tungsten carbide ring.

The cost of the ring will vary depending on several factors or parameters. Some tungsten carbide rings are highly-priced while at the same time you can find cheap tungsten carbide rings for sale.

The specifications of the tungsten carbide ring and where you buy are just some of the factors that determine the cost and value of the tungsten carbide ring.

Are you buying a tungsten carbide ring for daily use? If this is the case, then you should consider going for the cheapest option available. Such rings are made of jewelry grade tungsten and will serve their purpose perfectly.

Are you planning to gift someone a ring? It will be wise if you go for an elegant and classy tungsten carbide ring. Such a ring will cost you more than what you would have paid for the ordinary tungsten rings.

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Can a tungsten carbide ring be used as a wedding band?

How Much is Tungsten Carbide Ring Worth

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Most rings are used as wedding bands. They symbolize the commitment that the wedding partners will have to each other. Gold, silver, and diamond rings are commonly used as wedding bands.  Can tungsten carbide be used for the same purpose?

In recent years, we have witnessed a rise in the popularity of tungsten carbide wedding rings. In fact, it currently ranks well on the list of the preferred materials for wedding bands.

Tungsten carbide rings are suitable for wedding bands because they can be easily customized. Different coatings can be applied to this material until they get the glitz and glamour that befits a wedding.

The strength and affordability are other factors that contribute to the popularity of tungsten carbide wedding bands.

In short, you can confidently pick a tungsten carbide ring for your wedding without feeling short-changed.

What to Look for in  Tungsten Carbide Ring

While assessing the worthiness and value of the tungsten carbide ring, there are several parameters that you can use for your assessment.

One of the most important parameters is the purity of the tungsten carbide ring. Strive to find the ring that is at least 80% tungsten. This type of ring will have the most desirable features and properties that you would expect to get from tungsten.

With a high tungsten content, you will marvel at the aesthetics of the ring. 80% tungsten ring is also physically harder than most rings in the market.

You need to be extra cautious with this factor as some jewelers have a habit of using other fillers in place of the tungsten. This may end up diminishing the value of the tungsten carbide ring. Even though you may buy it at a high price, it will not be worth it.

Another critical factor that you should consider when buying a tungsten carbide ring is the size. This is vital because it is hectic to resize the tungsten ring. So, by choosing the right size, you will be able to avoid all the troubles that come with choosing the wrong size of the ring.

Styling and finishing is another key factor that will determine the final cost of the ring. This means that you should also pay attention to the polish and finish that has been used on the ring. Some finishings are capable of giving a ring total transformation. You will end up paying more to have such rings.

Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Ring

How Much is Tungsten Carbide Ring Worth

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While assessing the value and worth of the tungsten carbide ring, it will be prudent to know what you stand to gain from these rings.

Here are the top advantages of tungsten carbide ring.

Tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic

Tungsten carbide ring is classified as a hypoallergenic ring. This is to say that it cannot trigger allergic reactions in the body. The mineral and metal components that are encompassed in this ring are rated safe.

Resistant to wear and tear

This ring is both scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. With these two features, it means that the ring will retain its look for quite a long time. This is in addition to the fact that tungsten carbide does not tarnish easily.

Available in different styles and finishing

Tungsten carbide rings come in different styles and finishes. You are free to choose one that will create your desired impression, or simply the one that you will love.


It will be unjust if we don’t mention the affordability of the tungsten carbide ring. This ring is cheaper than most of the alternatives available in the jewelry market. You will pay more if you choose to go for gold or silver rings.

Strong and durable

Tungsten carbide ring is physically hard. It does not break or bend easily, even when subjected to some slight external forces. This also means that you will not be strained by the maintenance of the tungsten carbide ring.

What are the Cons of Buying Tungsten Carbide Ring?

How Much is Tungsten Carbide Ring Worth

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After looking at the advantages of the tungsten carbide ring, you are fully convinced that this is the exact type of ring that you desire to buy and wear. Don’t be in a rush to buy this ring. There could be some downsides about this ring that you should know.

First, there is a high chance that you may end up with an impure tungsten carbide ring. This is a ring whose content is less than the stipulated 80%. Some jewelers will shamelessly sell this ring on the pretext that it is an original tungsten carbide ring.

Secondly, the hardness of the tungsten carbide ring makes it hard to be worked on. It is not as malleable as other rings such as gold. This will force you to be very careful to buy the accurate size of the ring to avoid any loss.

Where to Buy Valuable Tungsten Carbide Ring

Now that you know how valuable tungsten carbide rings are, the next step is to buy one. You would want to get a true value for your money. This is to say that you should not be overcharged yet end up with a low-quality ring. So where you buy the ring matters.

But, where can I get the best tungsten carbide ring?

The most accurate answer is from reputable jewelers or jewelry shops. There are various places from where you can get quality tungsten carbide rings at reasonable prices.

First, do you want to buy tungsten carbide online or are do you plan to physically visit a jewelry store?

Regardless of your buying option, you should still take your time to find out the reputation of the seller. This will save you from falling into the hands of unscrupulous tungsten ring sellers.

Parting Shot

Hope you have gained something valuable from this article, right?  You can now go to a jewelry store and a buy tungsten carbide ring that is worth the value.

You should not be easily ripped off by being sold a low-quality ring. Instead, focus on getting value for your money.

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