Sleeping with your earrings on can be quite uncomfortable. This is why jewelers introduced sleeper earrings. These are earrings that are specifically designed to ensure you have a good night with relaxed ears. The earrings also serve as a suitable set, especially if you have just pierced your ears. Sleeper earrings are small and light in weight. If you were to buy sleep earrings, your pair should be hypo allergic and should not be removed or touched often unless when cleaning the piercing.

Everything you should know about Sleeper Earrings 


For smaller kids, sleeper earrings should be studs. That is because it is rare for a child to play with studs and remove them. If you are elderly, you can use earrings that have hoops for the sake of adding a taste of style. The hooped earrings will still serve the same purpose of keeping you comfortable through the night.

Why are these earrings called sleeper earrings?

This is a common question to curious people, especially when having their ears pierced for the first time. They are called sleeper earrings because you can wear them anytime, especially during the night. This is more so for people who have just had their ears pierced.

Types of sleeper earrings to look for

As mentioned earlier, sleeper earrings are worn when someone has had their ear pierced. This means that your ear is still sensitive and has a high chance of catching an infection. Therefore, it would be wise if you bought an earring that will not expose you to infections. There are different types of sleeper earrings in the market. Most of them are surgically treated to ensure your ear heals quickly and safely. Here are some types of sleeper earrings to look for.

NewZenro Surgical 16G Sleeper Earrings

These stainless steel earrings are available in four pairs but with different sizes of 8mm and 10mm. These sleeper earrings are perfect for your ears during the healing time because they are hypo allergic. They have a taste of fashion as well and will give your ears an outstanding appearance thanks to their versatility. The sleepers do not contain any nickel, and they boast high quality since they are coated with gold. They are equally suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.

SCERRING 16G Sleeper Earrings

These sleeper earrings are 14 G and are stainless steel made with a unique hinged design. They are the perfect choice of sleeper earrings for newly pierced ears because the set has a braided finish and are 10mm in diameter. Among the qualities they boast are durability and corrosion-resistant. You don’t need to worry if you have sensitive skin because this pair is hypo-allergic.

Jstyle 20G Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings

The Jstyle earrings are designed in a hinged clicker design and are stainless steel. They are made with the healing of your piercing in mind. They have a lustrous gold coating and will ensure your ear is safe from infections. They have a thin diameter of 8mm, thus giving you an interrupted sleep. These sleeper earrings are multifunctional because besides keeping your ear safe, you can rock in them anytime and in any outfit. The sleepers can retain their original color for long and will not cause any skin irritation.

365 Surgical Sleeper Earrings

These are among the best types of sleeper earring and are made of stainless steel. They are also hypo-allergic. They come in different sizes ranging from 6G to 20 G, but they also vary in diameter. They are suitable for a freshly pierced ear or body part. Their versatility allows you to wear them anytime, even after your ear has healed, because they have a taste of style.

SCERRING 2 Hinged Clicker

The Scerring 2 Hinged clicker is not only suitable for newly pierced ears but also other body parts. These stainless brand are eye-catching but straightforward and will match with any outfit. Secondly, they are made with surgical grade 316L stainless steel, and they boast all the qualities of a good sleeper earring, including durability, corrosion resistance, and are nickel free. They also don’t have color distortion. They will conveniently serve you during your healing period, and you can also keep them after you have healed.

Everything you should know about Sleeper Earrings 


Who needs sleeper earrings?

These earrings are not made for specific kind of people, and therefore they serve various purposes. Who needs sleeper earrings? This must be a question you would like to get answers for. Well, here are the answers you need.

Children: When a kid has their ear pierced, it can be tricky not to touch them. The excitement, anxiety, and maybe trauma will push them to keep checking on their ears. The sleeper earrings are suitable for kids as they quicken the healing process. However, children should not wear any other sleepers apart from the studs.

Freshly pierced ears: The sleeper earrings are meant for someone who has had a new ear piercing. That’s because they are light in weight and comfortable during the day and at night. Besides, you have them on until your ear has completely healed. These earrings are critical since they dictate how fast your wound will heal. Missing on them could result in infections or other complications. Sleepers are hypo-allergic, and therefore your ear will not be exposed to allergic irritations. Another benefit of sleeper earrings is that it gives your ear time to heal. Different people go through a different healing period. But the period doesn’t matter so long as you have the sleeper earrings with you. They will serve you for as long as it takes.

Everyone: As mentioned severally, these earrings are versatile, and one can have them for fashion. Are you lazy when it comes to removing your earrings? Then sleeper earrings are the perfect deal for you. These earrings are also great for keeping your earholes open, just if you don’t like earrings.

What are the advantages of sleeper earrings?

If it’s your first time to have your ears pierced, you will likely ask the above question. Below are the advantages of sleeper earrings.

  • They have small loops and thin diameters that easily fit in your skin.
  • The earrings are comfortable and safe to wear
  • They are light in weight.
  • You can easily wear, maintain, and remove them.
  • They don’t stick to your beddings whenever you sleep.

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Qualities of sleeper earrings

Here are the qualities of sleeper earrings that make them unique and ideal to be used by anyone.

Diverse designs: There is no monotony with these earrings. That’s because they come in different designs. The common ones are the hoops and studs. However, there are several other designs of sleeper earrings. They include the regular, beaded hoops, and the teardrop-shaped sleeper earrings. Your taste is well covered with all these designs.

Hypo allergic: One of the main reasons sleeper earrings are worn anytime is due to their hypo-allergic feature. This means that they don’t contain any nickel properties and therefore can’t harm your skin. This quality allows you to engage in any activity, including swimming, without any limitations. Most of them are made of gold, surgical stainless steel, and sterling silver. Additionally, the earrings are also corrosion-resistant.

Closure system: These earrings are designed to not get entangled with your clothes or hair. Most of them have a V-type snap closure system. Others have a metallic screw at the back to ensure the sleeper earring doesn’t come out.

Lastly, sleeper earrings come in different types and designs. This might confuse you as you shop for a pair of these earrings. Here is a buying guide for sleeper earrings. Generally, it is what you should look for before purchasing.

Everything you should know about Sleeper Earrings 


Size: The size of the earrings is a critical thing to consider. This is because sleeper earrings are available in different sizes. Some are sleeper earring are made for adults will others are made for kids. It is crucial to consider the measurements before buying. These measurements are the inside and outside diameter.

Materials used: Since sleeper earrings are meant for a newly pierced ear, you have to be careful about checking the material they are made of. The best sleeper earrings should be made of hypo-allergic materials. That’s because they won’t expose you to the risk of infections and irritations.

Price: Your budget will always dictate what you will get. The same case is not exceptional when purchasing sleeper earrings. Their prices vary depending on materials used and sizes. For example, a sleeper earring made of gold can’t trade at the same price as that of sterling silver. Considering how much you will spend is critical in purchasing these earrings.


Fashion has continued to advance, but there are no major changes in sleeper earrings. However, their role can’t be ignored especially by those who like doing some body modifications. This article has exhaustively covered everything you need to know about sleeper earrings. I believe you are more enlightened and understand why you need a pair of the same.

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