Doing a double helix piercing has added taste to fashion and has continued to trend with each passing day drastically. People are evolving from dressing codes, and body looks. Everyone is getting more detailed about their appearance, with a race for beauty accommodating many. Ear piercing has become trendy, and both women and men have it equally.

This is unlike in the ancient days, where it was a female thing. People have advanced the act of piercing their ears to doing a double helix piercing. If you are not so much into beauty, then this might be new to you. Double helix piercing is a classy name for piercing your ear’s top cuff twice under each piercing. This helix piercing is done closer, and most people tend to think it’s a single piercing.

Well, no one can say how much a double helix piercing hurts. That’s because some people argue that a double helix piercing is not painful, while others say that they feel some pain. The amount of pain depends on an individual. However, the experience might not be new to you, mostly if you have ever done the normal piercing.

What You Should Know Before Getting A Double Helix Piercing


Types of double helix piercing

There are two types of double helix piercing. The standard double helix piercing is more common than the double forward helix piercing. Their difference is noted in the area where the piercing is done. The standard double helix piercing is done on the cartilage on the upper part of the ear. You can also do it on the rear part of your ear.

What needs to be done and expected in the procedure?

This is the most detailed and critical part of the whole piercing process. It will dictate the results you get. Here is what you need to be on the lookout for.

A Hygienic parlor with expertise

If it is your first time, I am sure you don’t know what needs to be done about a double helix piercing. Anything that concerns your body should not be taken lightly. This is why the first step is to get a well-known piercing parlor that exercises maximum hygiene. Ensure they have a team of experienced people. Having your ear pierced by an expert can significantly reduce your exposure to infections. Besides, they can do it gently, thus easing your pain and ensuring it is well-positioned. You can even have a chat with your piercer and get to know them more. This will make you a bit relaxed and give you a chance to ask questions.

Talk about allergies

It would be wise to notify your double helix piercer of any allergies or health conditions you might have. This will save you from surprises that might follow after you are done with the piercing. In the case of allergies, the piercer will be able to offer you the necessary guidance.

Check on the tools

Checking out the tools used to do a double helix piercing is critical. Some piercers will use a piercing gun, and others will use a needle. For a gun, the process might be quite painful, especially to your ears cartilage. Besides, a gun can’t get perfectly sterilized, which exposes you to germs, leading to infections. This is why you should settle for a needle. It goes directly through the cartilage and is fully sterilized. Additionally, you should expect your attendant to wear gloves to prevent the transmission of germs.

Preparation and piercing

The preparation for a double helix piercing involves cleaning of the part to be pierced. This can be done with a piece of cotton wool soaked in a sterilizer. After cleaning, the area is marked for accuracy purposes. A good double helix piercer should allow you to see where they have marked before, then the piercing follows suit, and it barely takes a minute. Your piercer should give you instructions on how to take care of the pierced part. However, getting their contacts will be helpful in case things go south.

How to take care of your double helix piercing?

There are various ways of taking care of your double helix piercing. However, you must follow the instructions from your piercer to the latter. Here are some of the things you will need to do

Clean carefully: Most double helix piercers will advise you to use salty water two or three times a day. Soap has some healing power, and it’s ideal for killing germs. However, you should avoid moving your double helix jewelry since it might cause more damage. Hold your soaked piece of cotton on the piercing for three minutes without pressing. After that, dry the part gently with a piece of towel.

Ensure the piercing is dry: Dampness is the greatest enemy of any pierced part of your body. Your pierced cartilage is not exceptional either. Bacteria thrive well in damp surroundings, and they might infect your ear if you are not cautious. The main reason for keeping your piercing dry is to avoid bumps on your cartilage. Most bumps require surgery to be removed, and I am sure you don’t want to go through another pain.

Keep the jewelry intact: The pierced part is quite sensitive, and the frequent moving of your earring might translate to more damage. I know it might be tricky, but you should give your best not to touch it. Also, avoid hats or full-necked clothes that might touch your double helix jewelry. Choosing a stud will help you to keep it intact.

Sleep on clean pillows; A lot of dead skins and bacteria hide in pillows. This is why you should ensure your pillows are clean not to transfer the germs to your ear. You can either change your pillowcases daily or put clean clothes on top of them.

Other things to avoid doing after a double helix piercing include the following.

  • Avoid frequent touching or twisting your piercing.
  • Do not sleep on the pierced ear.
  • Do not touch the ear with unclean hands.
  • Avoid using soaps to clean the piercing.
  • Don’t remove your earing even if you note an infection.
  • Avoid swimming in pools that have many people.
  • Do not over-clean it.

How long does a double helix piercing take to heal?

As mentioned earlier, the pain felt, and the time it takes to heal depends on an individual. However, the kind of care you give to your piercing determines how long a double helix piercing will take to heal. People who clean their ears properly will heal in less than six months. This doesn’t mean that if it goes beyond that period, there is a problem.  On the other hand, some people get irritations, which causes the piercing not to heal fast.

What should alarm you?

If you experience any or all of the below problems associated with a double helix piercing, then you have a reason to be worried.

  • A yellow and smelly puss coming from the piercing
  • Some severe pain in your ear
  • Pain that stays for long
  • Inflammation of the ear.

These are the main indicators of an infection, and they might necessitate seeing a doctor. Additionally, it is wise to note that there are also greater risks that come with this procedure. Infections going to the extreme and not responding to drugs might lead to plastic surgery. In other cases, doctors might have to remove a part of your ear to curb the spread of the infection. This explains why you need to take time and understand what the whole procedure entails.

What You Should Know Before Getting A Double Helix Piercing


What is the cost of a double helix piercing?

There is no accurate way of establishing the exact cost of a double helix piercing. This is because the pricing depends on your location and the shop that you want to visit. However, if your choice of the piercing parlor is popular, then the cost might be relatively high. The choice will also determine the cost of your jewelry for the double helix piercing.

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What is the ideal jewelry to wear after a double helix piercing?

Immediately after piercing, you will get a piece of starter jewelry for a double helix piercing. This jewelry is meant to serve you until the ear heals completely. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use other types of jewelry. The beauty stores have got thousands of jewelry options for a double helix piercing, although your taste will matter greatly. Most piercers will advise you to choose jewelry that is made with hypoallergic materials strictly. They will greatly save you the trouble of recurring infections.


Double helix piercing has continued to trend. This is more so among the people who like modifying their bodies. The good thing about them is that they look good on everyone regardless of age and gender. However, one has to take extra care of the piercing. Otherwise, infections will not be exceptional. This article has generously discussed all you need to know before doing a double helix piercing. I hope you will be more informed as you decide on adding more beauty through your ears.

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