Have you been confused about what jewelry you should consider buying? Well, within this article, we shall discuss copper jewelry. I know the market is flooded with all types of jewelry, both cheap and expensive. And this is the reason why one needs to understand what a piece of jewelry contains before purchase. It is of the essence to understand that different jewelry comes with different properties. Copper is one of the most common metals used by jewelers. It boasts a lot of qualities and properties.

Versatility is one of the qualities that makes it famous. Besides making jewelry, Copper is also used in making a lot of other things. It has been used in utensils, furniture, house decoration, and most interestingly, Copper is used in hospitals. The metal is easily available compared to other metals. Copper jewelry comes in a reddish-brown color and serves longer, of course, with proper care. Rocking in a piece of copper jewelry not only makes you look good but also says a lot about you. Additionally, one doesn’t need to have the fortune to own copper jewelry because it is affordable.

Copper Jewelry

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Source of Copper

Some people think that it is difficult to find Copper just as it is with gold and silver. Well, on the contrary, Copper is naturally available. It is among the ancient types of metals that are found in mines in the form of ore. An ore might be a new word to many but is a piece of stone that contains enough metal in it. Scientifically, there are three copper ores from which Copper is found. They are Chalcopyrite, Bornite, and Malachite. These stones boast quite a huge amount of Copper for extraction, and they produce half of the world’s Copper. Native Copper is a similar terminology in the world of mining. The word refers to the Copper found in the ground in its natural form. This type of Copper is unreactive and has no much financial value. Whenever an ore containing Copper is discovered, it is taken through a refining and purification process to become pure Copper. Russia and Poland are the leading countries with the highest percentage of Copper in the world. In Africa, South Africa takes the first position.

Copper’s worth

In some parts of the world, Copper is called a poor man’s gold. No one has the exact reason for the name, but just like most metals, Copper has its worth. Since it is one of the oldest metals that are greatly used globally, Copper is an alloy of other metals. Its value is maintained through recycling. The worth of Copper is found not only in jewelry but also in houses. That’s because it is a good conductor of heat and electricity. This explains why electricity wire is made of Copper. Also, most of the metallic alloys used in plumbing contain Copper. Besides Copper, silver is the only other metal that is good at conducting heat.

Another factor that increases the worth of Copper is that it is recyclable. Fortunately, recycling doesn’t cause it to lose its value or quality. Being non-ferrous makes it the most recycled metal in the world. Recycled Copper can also be used to not only make things but also to make some extra coins. Copper brings a lucrative business, especially in developing countries. Besides jewelry making, the metal has got a lot of other uses that make it worthy.

Why is Copper good for jewelry?

This is a very common question, and most people ask it to gain confidence and assurance in the metal. Well, Copper is a safe metal to wear because it doesn’t have any microbial properties. This means that the metal doesn’t harbor the growth of fungus, bacteria, and other harmful micro-organisms. On the contrary, Copper kills such micro-organisms. This explains why it is used in the treatment of wounds and skin diseases. It is because the metal is naturally and antibacterial.

Another reason why it is safe to wear Copper is that it is required for the body’s growth. The brain, immune system, skin, and collagens are some of the body parts that are dependent on Copper. Copper is also found in human hair, and that is more reason as to why Copper is safe for jewelry. Copper metal boasts in body detoxification, boosting blood circulation and energy increase. That is why in some community’s people not only wear Copper for beauty but also for healing.

Benefits of Copper

Copper has many benefits that make it good for jewelry. They are discussed below.

1.Anti-aging Properties

Copper contains antioxidants that are good in fighting radicals. These radicals are responsible for the toxins in the body, causing the body to grow old fast. Also, if your body has enough Copper, it will help in collagen production. The collagens are good at delaying aging in and out of the body.

2.Relieves joint pain and stiffness

Thousands of people across the globe have given healing testimonies of Copper. The metal, when worn, is believed to ease pain and general body stiffness. The Copper triggers the healing energy within your body and relieving your pain. Also, metal is good for people with swelling problems and equally helps reduce their pain.

3.Good for Cardiovascular health

A copper a day keeps you away from the doctor. That’s a common saying among some communities. That’s because whenever one wears copper jewelry, properties go into the body and are absorbed into the blood circulatory system. Once in the body, the Copper removes all the toxins and promotes the production of hemoglobin. Your heart’s condition is of the essence because the organ is the source of life, and without it, one can’t live. Therefore, this benefit makes Copper safe for anyone.

4.Gives balance to the body

The human body has some properties known as chakras and meridians. They are responsible for giving the body some balance. These properties also help in renewing the body cells and keeping them more active. A body with healthy and active cells is strong and well balanced. That is why most people who like Yoga will always have either a copper ring or bracelet. It is because it helps in the yoga sessions by giving the body the necessary balance.

Does Copper change in color?

Like any other metal, Copper can experience some color change, which is caused by several reasons. In most cases, copper jewelry turns green in color. The human skin is salty because of its sweating effect. This can cause your copper jewelry to turn green due to the reaction between the two. Also, too much exposure to heat can cause a color change in Copper. Moreover, if you are not keen on what you eat, you might be in great trouble with Copper. That’s because a poor diet leads to acidity, and the acid will badly react with your copper jewelry.

The change in color doesn’t happen overnight. It takes many years to change from the reddish-brown to orange and finally to color green. However, the green patina that forms on the coppers’ surface can be removed. Normally, the secret to keeping your Copper clean and shiny is proper maintenance.

Here are some few ways through which you can remove the green color from your Copper

  1. A) Use of salt, vinegar, and Flour-This is done by making a paste of the three items. Then rub the paste over your copper jewelry gently using a piece of cloth. Once done with rubbing, leave the paste to settle for 30 minutes. After that, rinse your piece with soapy water then dry it properly. In case the greencolor in the Copperdidn’t go away, you can rub your jewelry with salt directly.
  2. B) Use of salt and lemon:This applies to the stubborn green stains on your copper jewelry. It is done by cutting a lemon and adding some salt on top of it. Rub the half piece of lemon over your copper jewelry. Do it until you notice that the green color on your Copper is completely gone.

Copper Jewelry

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Qualities of Copper

Copper has many qualities that make it ideal for many uses, including jewelry making. The qualities of Copper can be broken down into three categories, as discussed below.

1.Mechanical qualities

These are the ones that determine the condition of the metal. These qualities include strength, hardness and ductility. Copper is a strong metal, and that’s why jewelers use it. It is also hard, making it long-lasting and hard to break or be scratched. It is important to note that the hardness of Copper can be increase by increasing its alloys.

2.Chemical properties

Naturally, all chemicals are reactive, especially when in a moist environment. However, this is slightly different from Copper. That’s because it boasts some unique chemical properties which make it react slowly to corrosion. Whenever Copper is exposed to a corrosive state, it forms some strong compounds that act as guards against corrosion. Just like silver and gold, Copper is strong in fighting against chemicals. This quality also makes it a versatile metal, which is a good thing for your jewelry.

3.Physical qualities

Besides looking good and stylish, there are quite some physical qualities of Copper as outlined below.

  1. A) Thermal Conductivity-Copper is a good conductor of heat, making it the perfect metal for heat-conducting work. This could be in televisions, computer heat sinks, and vehicle radiators. Copper has electrodes that enable heat to be removed or even prevent overheating.
  2. B) Easy to join

There are several ways of joining Copper. They include soldering, brazing, bolting, or the use of adhesives. This quality makes it the best material for making jewelry since it is easy to form into any shape. Artisans also use it to make their sculptures since it doesn’t give them a hard time joining the pieces of Copper.

C)Conducts electricity

Electricity has, over the years, been the main thing that eases life. Without electricity, life would have been extremely slow, and with so many inconveniences. Having 99%purity makes Copper the best metal for conducting electricity.

Can you shower with copper Jewelry?

This is a very common question from people, especially men. It leaves me wondering why it is difficult for one to remove that copper bracelet before showering. Others will do the dishes with their rings on. The answer to this is no. That’s because, like many other metals, Copper will react to moisture and tarnish. The tarnishing will cause it to lose its appealing red-brown color, and you wouldn’t want that. Besides tarnishing, a piece of wet copper jewelry will also make your skin turn in color around the area in contact with Copper. Therefore, it is wise to keep your piece of copper jewelry away whenever you are doing house or water activities.

Is Copper Durable?

Anytime one wants to purchase anything, they will naturally enquire about its durability. The same case applies to people buying copper jewelry. No one wants to buy a piece of jewelry that won’t serve them for long. Fortunately, Copper is one of the metals that boast absolute durability. Copper jewelry can serve you for a long time without losing any of its properties. This is the reason as to why metal is the most recycled one in the world. It has been used to make products that are required to last for a long time.

How to take care of your copper jewelry?

Besides tarnishing and change in color, Copper is also a soft metal and can break. That is why one should be careful when handling copper jewelry. Here are several ways through which you can take care of your copper jewelry.

1.Regular cleaning

It is of the essence to regularly polish your piece of copper jewelry. You can do the polishing using a piece of cloth but be careful not to bend it. Being too hard on the jewelry will cause its breaking.

2.Apply your store-bought cleaner

There are many polishers for jewelry in the stores. Jewelers or dealers make some. The polishers are meant to be rubbed gently on your copper jewelry until it shines. This method ensures that you Copper maintains that sassy and classy look keeping you stylish.

3.Storing your Copper

It is funny how people don’t care about the way they store their jewelry. Sometimes one comes back home, all tired, and they just put their copper ring anywhere. Well, that habit should be stopped if you will enjoy wearing it for long. All pieces of copper jewelry should be stored in a dry container. The area of storage should be cool because excess heat will cause the Copper to change color. You can also wrap the Copper pieces with a microfiber piece of cloth and put them in an airtight container.

4.Protect your copper jewelry

It is wise always to remove your copper jewelry whenever you are in the water. This is because the moisture in the water will cause a reaction that results in tarnish. Also, before applying cream or body lotions, remove your copper jewelry. The chemicals in the lotions can spoil your jewelry. Lastly, before retiring to bed, remove them to prevent them from breaking as you turn around.

Copper Jewelry

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Facts about Copper

The recyclable metal has got a lot of truths that surround it. Some are in the products that have been made using Copper. Others are in its ability to blend with other metals. Anyhow there are so many truths about Copper that one needs to know. Here are some of them.

1.Copper doesn’t cause sparks. That makes it easy to work with around explosives

2.Copper does not leave heat sparks; that’s why it is most chefs’ favorite.

3.The metal is antibacterial. That is why it is used in door knobs and locks in public places. Germs don’t spread easily with Copper.

4.The USA Coins are made of Copper, a layer that consists of copper-nickel alloy.

5.All gold contains some pieces of Copper, even the purest gold. That’s because gold is so soft and requires some copper elements.

6.Around 400 pounds of Copper are found in every home. They are either in utensils, copper jewelry, or even electricity cables.

7.The Statue of Liberty is made of pure Copper weighing from179,000 pounds.

8.Copper is 100% recyclable and can be used over and over again without losing its original properties.

9.The average person of today will use at least 1500 pounds of Copper. This is through things like computers, automobiles, or even telephones.

10.Copper can save lives and homes from a lightning strike. The earthing system in Copper works well against lightning.

11.Copper has been in use for a very long time. History says that the Egyptians used it for water plumbing.

12.Some pieces of the dead sea scroll were discovered to be Copper

13.Copper is used in medicine because of its conductivity. Surgeons mostly use it during operations.

14.Trains with high-speed are made of 20 tons of Copper used in drive motors and transformers.

15.Copper plays a major role in the body and should be considered in the diet.

Are there side effects of copper jewelry?

As discussed earlier, there are many benefits of Copper. However, there are also some limitations of Copper. Most of it is associated with high levels of the metal. A high concentration of Copper may damage the human body. That is why it is also vital to inquire about Copper’s concentration of Copper in a piece of jewelry. Here are some few things you need to know

  • Toxicity of Copper-Ingestion of high quantities of Copper into the body may be harmful. Having that copper ring in your finger is not bad. However, if you are using supplements that have Copper, then the combination might lead to toxicity. Also, exposure to farm chemicals or fungicides may pose a danger to your health. People affected by the copper toxicityexperience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. They also have metallic tastes and digestion problems.
  • Skin irritation-copper jewelry at times will cause moderate or severe skin irritation. The copper salts naturally react with your skin causing the irritation. The irritation may result in itchiness, redness, or even discomfort. Additionally, some people may develop allergy or sensitivity to When the reaction gets to such levels, it is advisable not to use copper jewelry.
  • Mineral Imbalances-High levels of Copper in your body may lead to mineral imbalances. The main mineral that is affected by high levels of Copperis zinc. Zinc is essential for the immune and the nervous system. It is also good for healthy skin. High levels of Copper will lead to a reduction of zinc in your body, thus interfering with all these functions.

Things you need to know before buying Copper

It is always good to get familiar with something before purchasing so that it doesn’t become a surprise. Here are some things you need to know about copper jewelry.

1.Copper jewelry could turn your skin green

2.Your eyes and hair will look better. I know you are wondering how already. Well, Copper is known to produce melanin through some of its components. The melanin produces a dark pigment that makes you look amazing. Also, wearing Copper helps improve your hair and eyes.

3.You will have more energy because copper properties have been associated with high thinking ability. It also reduces headaches after its absorption into the body.

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The beauty industry has, for many years, not ignored the jewelry part. That’s because most people are used to wearing jewelry. However, it is always wise to understand the details of the metal that has been used to make a piece of particular jewelry. In this article, we have greatly expounded and guided you about copper jewelry. This knowledge will help you know what to consider before purchasing that copper earring. Additionally, the guide tells you about what to expect once you have the copper jewelry. Generally, Copper is a good metal for making jewelry, especially because of its durability and corrosion resistance.

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