Are you considering getting yourself a piece of jewelry but have no clue which to buy or where to start? You’ve no idea what metal type is best or the value of your choice? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

This article will outline everything you need to know about sterling silver jewelry and why you should choose it as your next jewelry investment.

Why You Should Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry


If you’re undecided on your type of jewelry, consider sterling silver. Simply because its popularity has since increased as the metal base of choice for its versatility.

Many may tell you that sterling silver is too expensive while others may say it’s not good quality and can not be considered fine jewelry. Often I am tossed and have to keep reminding myself why I’m interested in sterling.

Well, the phrase “silver spoon” has always been linked to wealth and if you read below you will understand why you should buy sterling silver jewelry.

What Is Sterling Silver

For generations, people have linked silver to luxury and well-to-do lifestyles.

Sterling silver jewelry presents itself as stylish with its sophisticated sheen and beautiful coloring, considering not all silvers are made equal.

There are numerous types of silver in the markets and you should be careful not to assume that every advertised silver is sterling silver.

The Metal Age opened up artistic jewelry and gave way to sterling silver amalgamation, made from a fusion of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal alloys, usually copper.

The short video below shows how it is made.

OK, let’s move on from the nitty-gritty and dive into the benefits of this amalgam.

Benefits of Sterling Silver

Of course, everything you spend your hard-earned money on needs to benefit you and trust me, sterling silver presents many benefits.

Let’s take a look at some noticeable benefits:


How would you feel if your favorite necklace snaps after just a few days? Not good right? Luckily sterling silver is known for its durability.

Pure silver is regarded as very soft and not suitable for daily use, such as a wedding ring. The added alloys in sterling silver make it stronger than pure silver and offer a lifetime of durability.


If you want to wear an exquisite piece of jewelry but afraid it will break the bank, then think again.

Sterling silver has gained interest with jewelers the world over.

It is durable yet soft enough to be soldered, engraved, molded, and tempered repeatedly while maintaining its glamorous appearance.

Designers are often happy to create new pieces, remodel, or shape your personalized ideas.


There’s no need for you to spend half your income on a classy piece of jewelry when you can simply buy yourself, or anyone else, sterling silver.

It is considered less expensive than other common metals such as platinum and gold.

Why You Should Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry



Wouldn’t you appreciate owning a piece of jewelry that retains its value over time, I certainly would.

Often gemstones and uncut minerals are set in sterling, preserving value over time.

Sterling has been valued as a precious metal from ancient times.

Health favor

Imagine wearing a fancy-looking necklace and shortly breaking out in a rash because you are allergic to it? This limits your choice drastically.

Fortunately, sterling is hypoallergenic and makes a good choice for sensitive skin.

This is particularly crucial for accessories such as earrings, with no need to be afraid that it will infect your piercing.

Science claims that different metals significantly affect our mood, health condition, and skin. Sterling is a powerful agent that fights infections such as colds and flu as seen from earlier years.

Overall you will be happy with your sterling silver jewelry because it combines value, appearance, and price.

Finding Your Perfect Sterling Silver Match

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the number of options presented regarding sterling jewelry and need guidance when choosing my perfect match.

Sterling’s popularity should keep you intrigued as to why you should buy this silver jewelry and heighten your excitement when presented with these options.

Sterling silver is very versatile and can be fashioned into chains, earrings, bracelets, ladies ’ and gentlemen’s rings, necklaces, and so much more. How interesting is that?

Rings are the most prevalent accessory in the market and although true sterling silver is somewhat more expensive, it is well worth every penny and offers a lifetime value.

Pure silver is slightly soft and unsuitable for making large pieces of jewelry, hence the reason manufacturers added alloys to enhance material durability and strength. The word “sterling” indicates it is not pure silver.

You can decorate sterling silver jewelry with pure silver, as well as adding your desired gemstones in your designs. The latest fashion styles are almost guaranteed to include sterling jewelry because of its popularity.

Why not make your jewelry more meaningful by adding your birthstone or a mythological gemstone?

Why You Should Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry


Styling your sterling jewelry will be pretty simple because it blends well with many other accessories like watches and necklaces.

I have a personal liking for necklaces, more specifically filigree lockets, and can suggest a few of my favorite styles. Let’s have a look below.

These beautiful pieces are a light-weight alternative to some bulky solid designs and come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, which are easy to match other accessories.

Depending on my health condition, I may choose an aromatherapy locket because it allows for the center to be filled with a scented cloth or herbs which diffuse through wide-open parts in the front and back.

What to Consider When You Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

When I buy myself a piece of jewelry I make sure it’s a strong luxury investment that I will appreciate in the years ahead.

By this stage, you may have answered yourself on why you should buy sterling silver jewelry and considering aspects to consider when buying sterling.

Sterling is one of the top choice metals for jewelry and has distinct markings to confirm its genuineness. Please do not assume all sterling is genuine or you will be disappointed.

Rings are typically marked with a specific engraving to inform you that it’s genuine, this is usually the number “925”.

The reason this number is used represents 92.5% pure silver and it is illegal to have this stamp on plated silver. Alternatively, the words “sterling” could be stamped on.

If you struggle to read the engraving then request a jewelers loupe or a simple magnifying glass will do.

Trendy jewelers are flocking to design sterling because of its malleability, beauty, and strength which gives the allowance to be creative.

Because sterling offers variety, it makes it easier for you to upgrade your collection or possibly start a new different collection and build around a certain look or trend.

When it comes to acquiring a hand-crafted item, it should come with an authentication certificate.

If you are getting a ring hand-crafted then I would advise that you get your finger sized so that your ring fits perfectly and will not need reconstruction. This also applies to bracelets but not necessarily necklaces.

If you are unsure of the genuineness of your jewelry then simply take it to your nearest jeweler and ask them to test it for you.

Where to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

So now that you have made the smart decision to buy sterling silver jewelry, the next task posed is; where to buy it from?

There are so many shopping resources to choose from such as online stores, department stores, or jewelers where you can find this beautiful and precious metal.

This decision can be vital and should be well planned and precautions need to be taken as you may spend a lot of money and deserve genuine pieces that you’re satisfied with.

If you are open to second-hand jewelry then you could try buying at an antique store, flea market, or thrift store.

Why You Should Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry


Always check for the authenticity or quality marking and be sure to keep any documentation given to you when purchased. Do not feel shy to ask for a magnifying tool if you can not see this stamp.

Opting to buy at a department store offers the advantage that they may have regular sales and promotions on items, but they may also implement higher prices than jewelry stores at other times.

Visiting a dedicated jeweler means you will receive service from staff who are most likely more knowledgeable about the products and may give in-depth helpful advice.

Buying from an online store like Amazon offers you a wide selection and makes it easy for you to choose. Most brick-and-mortar stores nowadays offer all their stock for online sales as well.

Etsy is well-known for its options for hand-crafted and vintage options.

When making your purchase, do not be afraid to ask about the return policy, especially if you are buying online and discover the product is incorrect when you receive it. Reputable organizations will have one in writing.

New sterling silver should be shiny and without tarnishing. Having said that, a tarnished piece may not mean that it is of low quality, it may just need to be buffed.

Be aware that an item labeled “silver-plated” isn’t sterling silver but rather coated in silver but composed of another metal beneath the coating. The silver will eventually wear off.

On purchase, test all clasps and inspect there are no kinks or dents in the metal, these should not exist with new jewelry.

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Caring for Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Once you have bought your piece of jewelry then your next interest should be the maintenance of it.

All silver can become tarnished if it isn’t worn regularly and I’m sure you would be saddened to see your favorite piece looking discolored and dirty just because it has been sitting in your jewelry box.

There are simple steps to follow to maintain your jewelry and save yourself the costs of taking it to a professional for cleaning.

If you take care of your pieces correctly then it can last you a lifetime and look the same after decades of ownership.

Natural elements such as air can have an impact on the appearance of your jewelry and make you question why you should buy sterling silver jewelry if air can tarnish it, but fear not, read the tips below to regain that high-gloss finish.

  • Prevent scratches by storing them in a cloth pouch or individual box compartments.
  • Be sure to remove jewelry before coming into contact with harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, as these can damage and discolor.
  • Be sure not to swim in a chlorinated pool with jewelry still on as chlorine has the same impact as stated above.
  • Microfibre or nonabrasive cloths should be used when polishing as they prevent scratching.
  • Make use of polishing solutions prescribed for sterling when polishing your jewelry.
  • Rings can be coated in rhodium, making them tarnish-resistant and giving it that fine finish.
  • For stubborn marks, simply use a paste made of baking soda and water and gently apply it with a cotton bud or soft brush.

Take extra precaution if your jewelry has precious stones embedded because no one wants to lose a gemstone while vigorously polishing and brushing their treasure.

Have a glance at the video below which gives care tips.

Final Words

You can take notice of the global spend on jewelry being well over $300 billion annually, both on fashion as well as luxury items.

Because sterling is so versatile and can be created into timeless and trendy looks, its popularity has been on an upward incline.

The wide range of possible sterling silver designs and styles means that you can easily find a piece suitable to your taste or suitable for gifting.

If you are anything like me, my interest has spiked and I am keen on choosing my next piece of jewelry as a sterling silver option.

The best way to understand more about sterling is to buy it.

But if you have more questions regarding reasons why you should buy sterling silver jewelry, simply drop us a comment below.

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